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Destiny 2 gets private matches early next year

Monty Python emote finally gets fix next week.

Destiny 2 will get private multiplayer matches via an update due in early 2018.

The feature was added to the original Destiny part-way through its life. It's a handy option for those who just want to play with friends, or anyone organising a competitive tournament.

Private matches are just one of a whole list of features coming to Destiny 2 courtesy of the game's live team, which has now taken on the task of maintaining the game post-launch.

Other changes detailed in this week's Bungie blog include a much-needed upping of rewards for completing strikes, adventures and Lost Sectors, penalties for Crucible quitters and new ways to spend surplus currency like Legendary Shards.

Best of all, maybe, Bungie wants to implement an interface to equip more than one custom emote at a time. It's a feature the studio has talked of adding for years.

There's no word on when any of the above will arrive, however.

In the short term, Bungie will deploy a fix next week for its Monty Python-inspired Bureaucratic Walk emote glitch. The emote allows players to glitch through walls, and has caused Destiny 2's weekly Trials of the Nine tourney to be called off.

Next week's update will also make the Crucible's mercy rules a little fairer - so you don't have to wait quite as long before the opposing team is handed victory when they're completely bossing you and your friends.