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Destiny 2 free trial goes live today

You lucky raspberries.

Amid increasing unrest within the Destiny 2 community over a variety of experience point gain issues, endgame problems and a lack of meaningful communication from developer Bungie, Activision has released a free trial for the online shooter.

The trial begins today, 28th November on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. You can download it through your console or Blizzard's

The trial has limits, as you'd expect. You can play a campaign mission on the European Dead Zone and Titan, play Adventures and explore the full European Dead Zone and Titan playspaces, and dabble in competitive multiplayer via the Crucible's Quickplay playlist. The trial lets you play solo, form a Fireteam and join a Clan. Character progression goes up to level seven, but you can carry over your progress if you buy the full game.

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Clearly, the Destiny 2 trial is designed to get newcomers into the game, and comes out just a week before expansion Curse of Osiris launches.