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Demon's Souls is at its lowest price so far

Not cheap, but certainly cheaper.

For those who are looking for new games to play on the PS5, Demon's Souls is currently at its lowest price it's been since release - which admittedly isn't that low, but considering the high price it's been retailing at before, now it costs more like a normal game, and without having to it get it discounted.

You can buy it from Currys/PC World for £49.99, down from its original painful retail price of £69.99. Considering the low amount of PS5 exclusives that can really put the hardware to work, and that we thought that the game was pretty superb in our review, it could definitely be worth checking out. A remake of the spiritual predecessor to Dark Souls, Demon's Souls is a brutal RPG that has players fight their way through the fallen kingdom of Boletaria. It's as tough to beat as it is rewarding to overcome, and a good game to sink time into if you've not got much else to do. Not to mention that Demon's Souls' status as a well-reviewed exclusive means that it probably won't be that cheap for a while at least.

In fact, there's a few less-obvious games out at the moment that are dipping in price, so consider this a chance to try something a little different while the release calendar is pretty empty (with the exception of Hitman 3, which you can find the best pre-order prices for here).

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