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There's deep discounts on SanDisk’s range of Nintendo Switch microSDXC cards at Amazon

I had a joke prepared about memory cards, but I forgot it.

If the lack of internal storage space on your Nintendo Switch is an ongoing problem, this Black Friday Amazon have dropped the prices of the full range of Nintendo-licensed micro SD cards.

And it’s a problem well worth solving to avoid playing the painful game of storage Tetris, as you agonise over what can stay and what has to go to make room for the shiny new game you’ve bought and can’t install. And if you want to play something like the Witcher 3, which takes up almost the entirety of the original Switch’s hard drive on its own, you’re gonna need some options here.

These SD cards are built with the Switch in mind, and beyond their cute Nintendo branding, offer 100MB/s read speed, and a write speed of 60MB/s on the 64GB card, and 90MB/s on the rest. SD cards can often have slower read speeds too, which would affect loading times for games booted from them if used on the Switch.

The biggest savings here are on the 128GB and 256GB models, at 57% and 49% off respectively. And while the 512GB sees a reasonably hefty 25% discount, it’s still a fair whack more than the mid-table cards here.

They’re on offer in the USA too, with similarly big discounts of between 39% and 47% across the range:

Given how modest most Switch games are in terms of file size – aforementioned excluded, of course – you’re gonna need a lot of games to fill up a bigger card. YMMV, but if like me, you tend to buy physical copies of the bigger releases, either 128GB or 256GB should be absolutely fine.

We’re on the hunt for all the best deals for Black Friday 2022, so give us a follow on our Jelly Deals Twitter account to see them first, and check out our other Nintendo Switch deals to see what else is on offer this weekend.