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Deathloop looks set to arrive on Xbox imminently

Advert spotted on the dashboard.

Deathloop could be on its way to Xbox imminently, one year after its release as a console exclusive on PlayStation 5.

An advert for the game now appears on the Xbox dashboard with the option to pre-order now.

However, selecting the advert takes users to a blank screen as it's not yet available on the store itself.

Deathloop – Protect the Loop Trailer

It's also unclear when the game will be released and if it will be on Xbox Game Pass.

Though released as a PS5 console exclusive last year (as well as on PC), the game was published by Betheseda, which has since been bought by Microsoft.

The game's appearance on Xbox has therefore been an inevitability.

Image of Xbox dashboard with Deathloop advert
Please ignore my pyjamas.

It's also just been added to PS Plus for Extra and Premium subscribers - its addition a year after release further suggests this could be the standard for Sony.

Edwin awarded the game an Essential in his Deathloop review.

"A brilliant timeloop shooter that gives Dishonored's best tricks and techniques more opportunity to shine," he said.

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