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Death Stranding walkthrough and guide to completing deliveries in the post-apocalypse

Our guide to helping Sam Bridges reconnect an isolated United States.

Death Stranding is the first project from a post-Konami Kojima Productions - the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series - seeing the studio branch out and create their own take on an open world adventure.

Though it shares a number of similarities with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain - Kojima's last game - the setting and objectives couldn't be further apart.

Yes, you are using gadgets to skulk past enemy camps, but it's all to deliver cargo and connect isolated bunkers and cities across a vast post-apocalyptic landscape. You're also carrying a baby in a pod to help detect invisible monsters, while Guillermo del Toro occasionally calls you to discuss your next mission. As we say, it's pretty different.

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This Death Stranding walkthrough explains what you need to know to beat the core set of Death Stranding missions and objectives, and the structure that connects them together, as well as a list of our other Death Stranding guides that can assist with other parts of the game.

How our Death Stranding walkthrough works

Despite the strange premise, Death Stranding's structure is surprisingly straightforward. Once you are in Episode 2, the game opens up, allowing you to freely explore the east of the USA and being to make deliveries.

The advance the story, you have to complete the list of Orders in, well, order, which provide the path you need to start connecting bunkers and compounds across the map.

You can also take on optional Standard Orders, which often take you back to previous locations, or focus on Orders for Sam, most of which are required to advance the story.

New Episodes introduce new areas to explore, which sees our hero Sam Porter Bridges make his way across the USA, connecting it together.

So if you want to play through the story, just focus on these main Orders - but of course, there are plenty of distractions along the way, including building structures to help others in Death Stranding's multiplayer, if you want to take time out to do those.

Our Death Stranding walkthrough lists roughly explains what's featured in each Episode, with links to dedicated Episode pages and if required, Order walkthroughs as some mission are more difficult than others.

Death Stranding mission list

Here's how Death Stranding plays out:

Prologue: Porter

  • There is just a single mission - Order 1: Smart Drug Delivery. You need to deliver at least one Smart Drug shipment in this short tutorial mission. Simply cross the river to find Central Knot City, then head to the Delivery Terminal.

Episode 1: Bridget

  • There are two missions here - Order 2: Morphine Delivery: Isolation Ward - which is a short stroll from one building to the next - then the more challenging Order 3: Cremation: President's Body, where you'll encounter your first BT.

Episode 2: Amelie

  • This has you reconnect the Eastern Region together, with the ultimate goal in bringing Port Knot City into the Chiral Network, and introduces concepts such as Mules, multiplayer and vehicles.
  • Our Episode 2 missions page explains how to complete Orders 4 to 16, including the particularly challenging Order 7.

Episode 3: Fragile

  • This has the ultimate goal in bringing South Knot City into the Chiral Network.
  • Our Episode 3 missions page explains how to complete Orders 18 to 38, including the particularly challenging Order 33 and Order 38.

Episode 4: Unger

Episode 5: Mama

Episode 6: Deadman

  • This chapter has you bring together more facilities around Mountain Knot City without the assistance of BB.
  • Our Episode 6 missions page explains how to complete Orders 47 to 53.

Episode 7: Clifford

  • This chapter has you explore your second battlefield and reach Heartman's Lab.
  • Our Episode 7 missions page explains how to complete Orders 54 to 56.

Episode 8: Heartman

  • This chapter has explore a series of facilities in the snow-covered mountainous region, before returning to Heartman's Lab, then heading west.
  • Our Episode 8 missions page explains how to complete Orders 58 and 62.
  • Once done, you then have to find a way to cross the tar belt.

Episode 9: Higgs

  • This chapter has you reach the western-most point of the country - Edge Knot City.
  • Our Episode 9 missions page explains how to complete Orders 63 and 64.
  • As well as this, you then have a Higgs boss battle.

Episode 10: Die-Hardman

  • This chapter has head back east to Lake Knot City.
  • Our Episode 10 missions page explains how this chapter works.

Episode 11: Clifford Unger

  • This chapter has you enter another battlefield and face Cliff.
  • Our Episode 11 missions page explains how this chapter works.

Episode 12: Bridges

  • This chapter has you make the final leg of your journey back east, ending at Capital Knot City.
  • Our Episode 12 and final boss page explains how this chapter works.

Episode 13: Sam Strand

Episode 14: Lou

  • This chapter is another story-driven mission with one main objective - our Episode 14 page explains how it works.

Episode 15: Tomorrow is in Your Hands

  • This chapter is a post-game chapter that allows you to keep playing after the ending. Our Episode 15 and 'pass the time' page explains how it works.

Other Death Stranding guides

Here's our other Death Stranding guides if you need assistance with other parts of the game:

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