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Death Stranding Order 7: Recovery - Chiral Printer Interface solution explained

How to win in your first fight against Mules.

Death Stranding Order 7: Recovery - Chiral Printer Interface is your first proper run-in with one of the game's primary enemy types - >Mules.

This mandatory early-game order in Episode 2 has you infiltrate one of their bases in order to bring back a stolen Chiral Printer Interface.

If you're looking for more from the critical path, our Death Stranding walkthrough can help.

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How to start Order 7: Recovery: Chiral Printer Interface

You'll pick up and start this order from the newly unlocked Waystation West of Capital Knot City.

As indicated, the Mule camp is to the west. Work your way up the mountain range, going up as far as you can, up the rocks until you reach a stream.

Next, build a Watchtower - as the game advises you to - using a PCC. Remember you can build one of these by holding Right on the D-Pad, then tapping Down on the D-Pad until it appears.

This will give you the exact location of the Postbox and Mule camp location just to the south-west.

There are Mule sensor poles around here to avoid - going too close to them alerts the Mules to your position - so crouch along the stream and get as close as you can.

We're going to level with you - safely infiltrating Mule bases is incredibly difficult, no matter how far you are through the game, so we'd recommend taking them head on.

How to beat Order 7: Recovery: Chiral Printer Interface

Our how to fight Mules page goes into this in further detail, but in short - you want to equip the Strand (hold Right on the D-Pad and select it from the dial), then hold it up with L2. When they attack, you can parry with R2, then Bind with the same button straight after. Do this until they are all done.

The benefit of this is that you can now take your time exploring the Mule camp. Unlock the Postbox, and grab the Chiral Printer. We also found a Special Device and the Large Construction Device, which can be delivered back at Waystation West of Capital Knot City we need to go back to.

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Now it's a simple case of heading back to the base the same way you came - though you might need to drop a ladder down some of the steep cliffs, which are harder to traverse now you're going down instead of up.

With that done, you'll unlock Bridges Boots (Lv. 1), ability to recycle Chiral Crystals at delivery terminals and Episode 2 Orders 9 and 10.

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