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Death Stranding fast travel explained: How to unlock fast travel and how it works

How to get round the map much faster.

Death Stranding fast travel allows you to get around the map much faster than by the usual methods of going on foot or using a vehicle.

Though it has its limitations, it's an effective way to reach major UCA hubs in the world, and backtrack to previously explored regions once you have advanced through the story.

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How to unlock fast travel in Death Stranding

Fast travel in Death Stranding is an ability that won't be available to you until you unlock Episode 3. This means you'll have to play through all of Episode 2 without it, meaning charging the bike is all the more important.

Thankfully, you won't have long to wait when you start Episode 3 - as soon you arrive, you have to complete Order 18 - an Aid Package Delivery to Lake Knot City, which is just a short walk away.

Once you have completed it and the cutscenes play out, the ability to fast travel becomes available.

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How fast travel in Death Stranding works

Fast travel is limited to anywhere you can access a Private Room. This rules out a lot of locations, and means only larger UCA facilities - usually those that allow you drive underground into - can be travelled to.

However, this also includes Safe Houses, which is an expensive-to-build structure you can create using Level 2 PCCs later in Episode 3 (specifically once you complete Order 27 at the Weather Station).

A good idea might be to position a Safe House in a location you'll return to often, and leave a vehicle in the Garage there for you to return to later.

There are limitations on fast travel when it comes to cargo, by the way - anything in your possession will be automatically transferred to the local Private Locker.

This means that you cannot circumvent a delivery by fast travelling from one major hub to the next - you still have to complete them on foot or by a vehicle. It was never going to be that straightforward, right?

However, if you need to get to a major hub quickly - or want to backtrack to a previous region and level up the structures there - then fast travel is a very useful tool indeed.

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