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Death Stranding - Find a way to change Lockne's mind objective explained

What to do after reaching Mountain Knot City for the first time.

Find a way to change Lockne's mind is an objective within Episode 5 of Death Stranding.

Appearing after you arrive at Mountain Knot City for the first time, there is seemingly no more orders to take - with just 'Find a way to change Lockne's mind' as your clue with how to progress.

This page explains what you need to do next - and yes, it requires a spot of travelling.

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What to do with the Find a way to change Lockne's mind objective in Death Stranding

After you complete Order 44, there are no more deliveries are able to be collected, and no way to access any UCA features - such as Fabrication - at Mountain Knot City, because it's not connected to the network yet.

The game doesn't make it explicitly clear what you have to do next, unless you investigate your Mail via your Cuff Links, where there's a message from Aaron Hill from Mountain Knot City suggesting - "could you go and talk to Mama about it?"

This is what you must do next - talk to Mama. But as you might remember, she has to stay at her base next to South Knot City, which is some distance away. The bad news is there's no way around this - you have to head there next.

Fast travel is your friend here, but since Mountain Knot City is not on the network yet, you need to head to one of the nearby UCA facilities, or find a Private Room at a Safe House someone else has constructed nearby, or build one yourself within a Chiral Network area (which is just the other side of the river to the north).

Backtracking to Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City is probably the safest bet, but be wary of BTs along the way.

Either way, fast travelling to South Knot City allows you to fabricate a vehicle before you head to Mama's Base.

Once done, you'll receive Order 46, which has you take Mama to Mountain Knot City.

But just as you leave, you'll encounter a boss BT. As said, it's best to just flee - so head north until you're out of the radius. There's no need to fight it.

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With that battle over and done with, it's time to make the journey itself. It's worth doubling back to Mama's house to pick up the vehicle you created earlier.

There's no real shortcuts here - so take your time and retrace the route around the mountain to complete this objective.

After the cutscene, inspect BB in the Private Room to begin Episode 6.