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Death Stranding - Episode 3 missions list: How to complete Orders 18 to 38 to bring South Knot City into the Chiral Network

How to complete every main objective in Episode 3.

Death Stranding Episode 3 - Fragile has you complete a series of Orders in order to bring South Knot City into the Chiral Network.

This is the longest chapter yet by some stretch - having you connect together a huge region of the United States. As with Episode 3, it's pretty linear and straightforward, with optional Standard Orders to take if you want a break to level up facilities you've unlocked.

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If you're looking for more from the critical path, our Death Stranding walkthrough can help.

Order 18: Aid Package Delivery: Lake Knot City

  • Objective: Grab the three containers when you arrive and take it to the Bridges center that's about 200m walk away.
  • Tips: Have to do this on foot, but takes zero time at all!
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Lake Knot City' to UCA Chiral Network, Ceramics can now be used at all UCA-affiliated facilities, Smoke-Emitted Decoy Cargo, Fast travel (Jumping with Fragile) unlocked

Order 19: Evo-devo Unit Delivery: Engineer

  • Objective: Deliver cargo to new location Engineer. Fragile cargo.
  • Tips: There is no vehicle to begin this Episode, so have to go on foot. There is a Mule camp directly south of where you begin, and it's hard to avoid on foot, so might be easiest to clear it on your way.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Engineer' to UCA Chiral Network, Power Skeleton (Lv.1), Smoke Grenade (Lv. 1)

Order 20: Prescription Medicine Delivery: Elder

  • Objective: Delivery to Elder location to the south, through a mountainous area.
  • Tips: The easiest way to do this is to go via the stream to the south. Before you enter the stream, make sure you drink from your canteen then slowly go up until you can reach a bank on your right. From here you can now climb up the mountain safely towards the Elder. Alternatively, you can approach this location from the north side of the mountain.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Elder' to UCA Chiral Network.

Order 21: Gun Parts and Anti-BT Weapon Delivery: Craftsman

  • Objective: Deliver parts to new location 'Craftsman' in the west of the region.
  • Tips: Between Elder and Craftsman there is a Mule camp. Clear this and use a vehicle - a Truck - to make this trip easier, which will either greet you or is parked up in the camp itself. If you are running low on battery, create a generator within the Chiral network area.
  • Unlocks: Order 22

Order 22: Recovery: Toolbox

  • Objective: Recover the Toolbox within the BT-infested area to the north.
  • Tips: Leave your Mule truck (assuming you got one on the way here) in the camp and go on foot - the trip is shorter than it looks, and you'll want to keep it out of the rain. BTs won't appear until you are within the crater. When you approach, go left through the doorway and through a mall-like building, where there are BTs. When you emerge, the shelter and the Toolbox is in sight. Can now go directly south and climb up the rubble over the wall and to the Craftman to finish. Be aware there are a lot of BTs on the south trip - and taking grenades with you is highly recommended (if you can, returning to Lake Knot City first to get them, might be ideal).
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Craftsman' to UCA Chiral Network, Bola Gun (Lv. 1), Order 23 (when you leave the area)

Order 23 Retrieval: System Server

  • Objective: Collect the System Server from the Mule camp, then take it to Lake Knot City.
  • Tips: Head to the Mule camp as indicated on the map, and make use of your newly-unlocked Bola Gun, or go toe-to-toe with a Strand to properly clear it out so you can take your time and explore.
  • Unlocks: Reverse Trike, Reverse Trike: Long Range, Orders 24, 25 and 26

Order 24: Prototype Bot Delivery: Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City

  • Objective: Reach the new location Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City to the south.
  • Tips: Use a vehicle (you can now fabricate a Trike) since it's one of the longest journeys yet, and you'll be passing through Mule territory, so going fast is recommended.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City' to UCA Chiral Network, Bridges Boots (Lv. 2), Standard Orders (Bot-deliverable) at Delivery Terminals, Order 27

Order 25: Road Reconstruction

  • Objective: Start building the road at the paver to the south.
  • Tips: Make sure you have the 150 Chiral Crystals, 800 Metals and 600 Ceramics in your possession.
  • Unlocks: None - optional. That said, we found it was a useful for those in multiplayer, and gave us a steady supply of Likes over the rest of the game, so worth doing.

Order 26: [URGENT] Fresh Pizza Delivery: Peter Englert

  • Objective: Deliver the Pizza - yes - to the 'Craftman' to the west of Lake Knot City.
  • Tips: Load it directly onto a vehicle so it's flat - not on your back where it may go sideways - and drive it there. Can be bumpy, but don't worry about rocks.
  • Unlocks: Optional. No reward apart from Likes, and is one of the rare missions that can help level your 'Delivery Time' Porter grade.

Order 27: Chiralium Gauge Delivery: Weather Station

  • Objective: Deliver the chiralium gauge to new location 'Weather Station' to the south-west. Fragile Cargo.
  • Tips: The direct route there is very rocky, so go directly south to the side of a fissure in the ground, until you are forced to drive across it. Now head directly west to more or less get a clear path to the river, then head south then west again at the road builder on the other side of the river. It should be a straightforward ride from here.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Weather Station' to UCA Chiral Network, Special Alloys can be used at UCA-affiliated facilities, PCC (Lv. 2) with Timefall Shelter and Safe House, Floating Carrier (Lv. 1), Weather Forecast feature in Cuff Links, Orders 28 and 29

Order 28: Wheat Seed Delivery: Timefall Farmers

  • Objective: Deliver cargo to new location 'Timefall Farm' to the south.
  • Tips: Go directly south to avoid the rocky surroundings, go alongside the fissure until you can cut right to the river, then follow it south, then through the farmlands. There is a Mule camp just south of the river and before the location, but with a vehicle you should be able to get through it quickly.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Timefall Farm' to UCA Chiral Network, 'I'm Leaving' sound data, Scanner Nullification feature for the Odradek. No new Orders, but have to travel back north to 'Distribution Centre South of Lake Knot City' to pick one up. Remember you can use fast travel to skip this step entirely.

Order 29: Construction: Safe House

  • Objective: Construct a Safe House where indicated on the map.
  • Tips: Need a lot of resources, so a vehicle is recommended!
  • Unlocks: None - optional. That said, it does give you a free fast travel point in this area of the map, so worth doing for that alone.

Order 30: [URGENT] Old Component Delivery: Junk Dealer

  • Objective: 45 minute time limit placed on this order to the new 'Junk Dealer' location to the south-east.
  • Tips: To reach this new region you have to cross a fissure. Head south from where you start at the distribution base until you can cross safely across. Then, go north to pass the next fissure and go along the side of the mountain to progress, passing by the Mule base to the south on the plains as well.
  • Unlocks: Order 32.

Order 31: Tablet Delivery: Film Director

  • Objective: Fragile cargo. Optional.
  • Tips: Fairly straightforward - the location itself is surrounded by jagged rock, so you'll have to make the final leg on foot.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Film Director' to UCA Chiral Network, 'Sam' Sunglasses cosmetic item.

Order 32: Collection: Old Components

  • Objective: Cargo Collection - at least 60kg - from the BT area to the south-west.
  • Tips: You have to recover at least 60kg worth of lost cargo at the area to the south-west. Go by vehicle, but park a little outside then head in on foot. It's full of BTs, especially at a fork between two paths where you have to get supplies, so use blood grenades there to permanently clear them, and use the Bola gun on the stragglers. As long as you take your time, you should be okay.
  • Unlocks: Order 33: Hourglass Delivery: Chiral Artist
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Order 33: Hourglass Delivery: Chiral Artist

  • Objective: Take the very fragile cargo to the 'Chiral Artist's Studio' location to the south-east.
  • Tips: We have a dedicated Order 33: Hourglass Delivery: Chiral Artist page explaining how to complete this order.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Chiral Artist's Studio' to UCA Chiral Network, Anti-BT Handgun (Lv. 1), Order 34

Order 34: Chiral Artist Delivery: Junk Dealer

  • Objective: Human delivery where you reunite the Junk Dealer with the Chiral Artist.
  • Tips: Since you have to go back on foot again, we'd recommend creating a Floating Carrier to carry your cargo on, and having the human delivery on your back. By the way, don't worry about creating a Generator within the chiral field to power up your Speed Skeleton suit - you cannot use it if you are pulling a Carrier.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'Junk Dealer' to UCA Chiral Network, Speed Skeleton (Lv. 1), Stun Bomb, 'Give Up' sound data, Order 35

Order 35: Prototype Delivery: Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City

  • Objective: Take the cargo back to Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City.
  • Tips: This is really simple - take it back to the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. There is a large Mule Camp in the middle you passed through (or around), so be sure to avoid that again.
  • Unlocks: Backback customisation, Truck, Orders 36 and 37, racing mode (Director's Cut only)

Order 36: Retrieval: Sticky Guns

  • Objective: Retrieve at least one Sticky Gun cargo from the Mule base to the south-east and take it to Lake Knot City.
  • Tips: Wade into Mule territory and fight them until one drops one component of the guns - that's all you need. Now make the trip north to Lake Knot City.
  • Unlocks: Sticky Gun, 'Waiting (10 Years)' sound data

Order 37: Sewing Kit Delivery: Cosplayer

  • Objective: Take the cargo to new location 'Cosplayer' to the south. Optional.
  • Tips: This one is easily missed, and it's in the bottom of a fissure. Also - spoilers - it's where the Conan O'Brian cameo shows up, so worth doing for that alone.
  • Unlocks: Otter Hood

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Order 38: Emergency Provisions Delivery: South Knot City

  • Objective: Deliver all nine containers to new location South Knot City, as well as the Small Thermonuclear Device.
  • Tips: We have a dedicated Order 38 and Small Thermonuclear Device page to explain how to complete this mission in detail.
  • Unlocks: Adds 'South Knot City' to UCA Chiral Network, 'Without You' sound data, 'Fragile: Attentive' hologram data, 'Gosia' sound data, 'Fragile: Bidding Goodbye' hologram, Handgun (Lv 1), Assault Rifle (Lv 1), Grenade.

Once this is complete, you'll then move onto Episode 4.