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Death Stranding new story missions: How to start the Director's Cut's new content

How to make your way to the Ruined Factory.

Death Stranding's new story missions are one of several new additions to the Director's Cut version of the game.

This takes place at a new location - the Ruined Factory - and introduces new items such as the Maser, a useful short-range stealth weapon that you can use elsewhere in the game.

Whether you're starting a new playthrough, or are coming to the Director's Cut after transferring a PS4 save, accessing the new content happens sooner than you think.

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How to unlock new story missions in Death Stranding: Director's Cut

The new content in Director's Cut can be accessed as soon as Episode 2, where you must access the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City.

If you have imported a save and have played past this point, you will likely receive a call from Die-Hardman explaining you can pick up new Orders from Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City.

Either way, access the terminal there (if you forgot, you can fast travel from any location you can access your private quarters) you'll receive Order 77: Collection: Cargo Discovered in the Ruined Factory (Maser Gun Recommended).

Order 77: Collection: Cargo Discovered in the Ruined Factory

  • Objective: Recover cargo from MULE Camp
  • Unlocks: Order 78, Support Skeleton, Maser Gun, Pale Yellow sound data, Memo #1 A Call to Arms interview data

This has you travel to the Ruined Factory to the east. Depending on where you are at in the game, ideally take a bike or a vehicle with you as you'll have a handful of items to bring back with you.

Head along by the river, then scale the hill to the south when you are close to the factory location. The hill is quite steep, but if you zig zag up you should make it without slipping. Rest at the Luden's Fan base near the top, then you'll hit some tall grass. Crouch through this to avoid detection from the Mules nearby.

The Maser Gun is very useful - essentially point and keep shooting the beam until the enemy is knocked out (indicated by a slow down effect). Ideally you'll want to catch a Mule by surprise - but to be honest, you can go in all 'Masers blazing' and clear the sentries here easily enough. There are only three on the walk into the factory site.

Once you have reached the entrance, drop down, take down the other Mule.

Then crack open the post box on the right side. Take all the factory data, and then make it back to the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City to drop it off.

Tomorrow is in our hands - again! Learn about the Director's Cut's new features, including new story missions, a racing mode, Half-Life missions and how to transfer saves to PS5. Our main Death Stranding walkthrough outlines how to play through the story, including Episode 3 missions, the Small Thermonuclear Device and how to find a way to change Lockne's mind As you play, you can find Memory Chip locations, learn how Death Stranding multiplayer works.

With the mission complete, you can fabricate both the Support Skeleton and Maser Gun - which, if you are early in the game, are two very useful items to take with you into other missions.

You will also pick up Order 78: Stealthy Collection: Data from the Ruined Factory Interior - continuing this new set of story missions as you return to the factory once again.

If you're looking for more new things to see in the Director's Cut edition of the game, then you can unlock the race track in a later chapter.

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