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Dead by Daylight's Alien collab confirms Ripley survivor and Xenomorph killer

And it's out later this month.

Ellen Ripley, viewed from behind, surveys the wreckage of the downed ship Nostromo, moodily rendered against a dark sky.
Image credit: Behaviour Interactive

Following last week's official reveal of Dead by Daylight's Alien collaboration, developer Behaviour Interactive has shared further details, including an August release date and the entirely unsurprising confirmation that Sigourney Weaver's iconic action hero Ellen Ripley will feature as a Survivor, battling against a Xenomorph killer.

The Xenomorph, described as the "embodiment of the stealth Killer", comes with a new power called Runner Mode, enabling it to walk on all four legs, reducing its Terror Radius considerably. It'll also be the first Killer to get its own exclusive sub-level, in this case a series of tunnels only accessible via seven Control Stations dotted around the collaboration's new map.

Control Stations also house the new Survivor-only Remote Flame Turrets, which can stagger the Xenomorph when successfully deployed, causing its unique Power to end. Survivors will need to be careful, however; the turret can overheat, necessitating a repair, and the Xenomorph can destroy it if it isn't adequately protected.

It's Ripley, believe it or not.Watch on YouTube

And if it wasn't already obvious, the Alien collaboration's new map takes the form of Nostromo Wreckage, a rendition of the movie's iconic ship that'll incorporate "memorable elements from the first Alien film with some unique Dead by Daylight twists", according to Behaviour Interactive.

Ripley, meanwhile, features her own set of perks, as detailed in Behaviour's newly released beta patch notes. These include Lucky Star - which stops pools of blood and grunts of pain for 10 seconds when hiding in a locker - plus Light Footed, which activates when healthy, making running footsteps silent. Finally, there's Chemical Trap, which triggers at certain generator progress percentages, enabling dropped pallets to be boobytrapped.

Dead by Daylight: Alien, as the new collaboration DLC is succinctly known, will be available to purchase from 29th August on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Windows Store.

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