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Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece Braindance walkthrough

How to spot all the clues and complete the Disasterpiece Braindance.

Disasterpiece's Braindance in Cyberpunk 2077 is a relatively simple but grim one, tasking you with simply figuring out where Evelyn's been taken from the clues in the recording.

It begins near the start of the Disasterpiece mission in Cyberpunk 2077, relatively early on in the second Act of Cyberpunk 2077's main story missions.

There's just the one objective with this one: analyze the braindance and find out where it was recorded, and this page should help you do exactly that.

On this page:

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Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece Braindance explained - what are you looking for and what's going on

Disasterpiece is a pretty stomach-turning mission, so be prepared heading into it. Evelynn is missing, and what you're doing here is trying to find her by analyzing an illicit braindance from the head of a netrunner who's been kidnapped against her will - to find clues of where her captors might also be holding Evelynn, too.

We found a total of eight clues, although not all of them are required for you to gain the necessary info to complete the braindance. We'll dive into how to find them all below.

Cyberpunk 2077 Disasterpiece Braindance solution - how to analyze the braindance and find out where it was recorded

There are no specific sub-objectives to the Disasterpiece braindance, unlike those in previous missions such as The Information braindance. That means you need to put your detective hat on and look (and listen) for anything you can find.

With eight things to scan in total, here's everything that comes up, in chronological order.

The victim

As soon as you gain access to Editor mode (Judy will say so), jump out into the third-person perspective and scan the person being dragged into the room, in the visual layer (yellow).

The kidnapper

Next up, the person dragging her - Judy will remark that he's a Scav (scavenger) - from the clothes that he's wearing.

The pizza box

Just beyond these two, on the counter top is a pizza box, which you'll note was ordered recently.

The Scav woman

Turn the corner clockwise from the pizza and you'll see someone else is there, a Scav woman.

The Lab Suit

Wait until the victim is put into the chair, and then turn in the direction they're facing to see a body-like shape in the corner. It's actually a lab suit, hanging up - a uniform for someone who works in a power plant.

The Radio

Toggle to the sound layer (green) and you'll notice there's a fairly loud sound throughout, with the green line boldest around the same point on the timeline as the lab suit. This is coming from a radio, turned up to cover up the noise.

The Coffee Cup

Back to the yellow visual layer right away, and there are two things on the counter the Scav woman is leaning on. First: a cold, stale cup of coffee.

Buck-A-Slice box

And finally, to the right of the coffee cup, a crate for junk food delivery from somewhere called Buck-A-Slice.

At this point, V will mention that the coffee was cold, but the pizza still warm, and Buck-A-Slice only a last resort if nothing else is nearby. Combine that with the lab suit and they must be at a power plant that's close to a Buck-A-Slice branch for them to get takeaway.

That'll be everything, so exit the braindance and you can head straight to the place with Judy in the car, if you're up for it, or offer to meet her there if you want to do some more prep. Be prepared for an encounter with some nasty folk, either way.

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