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Crucial's 1TB X8 SSD is over half price at Box

One of our favourite portable SSDs with a favourable discount.

Solid State Drives are a key part of any PC setup, offering faster read and write speeds than older hard drives and they also take up less physical space while giving you terabytes of storage for all of your games, files, and programmes.

Good SSDs don't have to sit in your PC forever though, there are great external SSD options that you can unplug and take your games wherever you want. Portable SSDs are also a great option for console users, who can plug in an external drive to their console's USB port so they can download as many games as they'd like.

Crucial make some of the best SSDs around, both portable and non-portable, and their 1TB X8 external SSD is a fantastic choice if you're looking to download games and take them with you. What's even better is the £85 discount you can get for it at Box, where it's down to just £78.

Crucial X8 1TB External Portable SSD- £78 at Box (was £164)

That £78 price point is £8 cheaper than Amazon, and it's only a couple of quid more than the Crucial X8 1TB's lowest-ever price.

For that heavily discounted price, you'll be getting an SSD with 1050MB/s sequential read speeds in a slim and portable design that is drop-proof up to two metres and designed to work in high-temperature conditions.

The X8 is super easy to connect to your device as it can work with USB-C and USB-A devices. You can connect it to Macs and PCs, Chromebooks and iPads, plus you can save Netflix or Amazon videos to the X8 and play them on your android smartphone or tablet. If it's games you're looking to store on the X8, it will work with both PS5/PS4 and Xbox One/Series X and S and you can play some games directly from the drive itself.

The Crucial X8 is sure to give you a storage boost to your console or PC without weighing down your bag or emptying your wallet. If you want to get yourself an NVMe SSD to stay inside your PC, check out Digital Foundry's SSD guide to see which is best. To find more great deals like this, be sure to follow the Jelly Deals Twitter where we keep you posted on the best discounts we spot.