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These excellent Crucial MX500 SSDs are reduced by more than 30% at the moment

Get either 1TB or 2TB of storage for bargain prices.

The storage you have in your computer can make a big impact on how fast your apps and games load. Older hard-drives are slower than modern SSDs, but are really easy to upgrade.

There are loads of good options for SSD upgrades out there, but the one that claim's Digital Foundry's title of best value SSD is the Crucial MX500. The MX500 is a faultless choice no matter your budget, and right now it's even cheaper for you to get.

Both the 1TB and 2TB version of the MX500 are both on sale at Amazon, with respective discounts of 31 and 32 percent. Rather helpfully, the 2TB version is around double the cost of the 1TB version, so both offer the same value for money and you can just pick depending on how much storage you need. The 1TB version has been spotted for around £4 cheaper by Digital Foundry previously, but you're still saving a decent £32.80, and that's ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2022.

The Crucial MX500 has sequential read and write speeds of up to 560/510 MB/s, and random reads/writes of 95k/90k on all file types, so it will be great for gaming and productivity. You can also pair it with a SATA to USB cable or enclosure to use as external storage for your PlayStation or Xbox.

If you're in the US, there's a small discount on the 1TB model of the MX500 at Amazon US right now, which brings it to under $95.

That's a really easy upgrade to your PC or more storage for your console, for less. If you're wanting to upgrade your storage but are looking for something portable, then check out the 2TB SanDisk portable SSD which has a sizeable discount on Amazon right now too. And if you're planning on upgrading in the future, follow the Jelly Deals Twitter account so you'll always know when there's a sale on PC components and accessories.

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