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Crucial's top SSD for gaming is now the cheapest it's ever been

Get Digital Foundry's favourite gaming SSD for just £42.

The Crucial MX500 - Digital Foundry's pick for the best SSD for gaming - is now just £42.

The 500GB model has been reduced to its lowest price so far according to our price tracker - and it will remain that way for the rest of the week.

Why's the MX500 so highly rated, though? Well, it's excellent value for money and will give you a significant boost to loading times when used for OS or game installs. The strong read/write speeds make it superior to the cheaper BX500 series, while other drives from the likes of Samsung and Western Digital offer similar performance but at a higher cost.

Granted, 500GB of storage could be a tad small in some cases, but this is a decent chunk of extra room if you have a few key games that you dip into regularly.

It's also a great pick if you're after an external hard drive for PS5 - or for any other console, in fact - as you can pair it with a SATA to USB cable or an enclosure to bulk up your storage. Of course, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, it can only be used to store current-gen games rather than play them. You will, however, gain all the performance benefits of an SSD when transferring games or playing backwards-compatible titles.

Cover image for YouTube videoPS5 External SSD Testing: SATA vs NVMe vs Hard Drive - Back-Compat Titles + Read/Write Speed Tests!

This could be a small teaser of what's to come with Amazon Prime Day set to start next Monday. Offers on SSDs have regularly featured in the yearly sale, so if the MX500 at this capacity isn't exactly what you're after then you'll want to keep an eye on our best Amazon Prime Day deals page for any future bargains.

You can also join us over at Jelly Deals or on Twitter where we'll be sharing all the top offers and lightning deals across both days from Amazon and any other retailers that decide to get involved!

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