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Latest footage of crowd-funded Psychonauts 2, as it picks up publisher

Psi on the dotted line.

Double Fine's Psychonauts 2 will be published by Payday 2 developer Starbreeze Studios.

Starbreeze confirmed the deal via press release this morning, while Double Fine boss Tim Schafer jointly announced the publishing plan via another video blog showing off the in-development sequel.

"They come from a development background, like us," Schafer said of Starbreeze. "They'll also know when we're lying, so we won't do that."

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Starbreeze is sinking $8m (£6.4m) of funds into Psychonauts 2 to get the game made. After it has recouped this amount post-launch it will then enjoy 60 per cent of the game's ongoing profits.

Double Fine will, of course, retain the Psychonauts license.

Having a third-party investor was always the plan, in order to raise the money needed to make the game. Starbreeze's money joins Double Fine's own and $3.8m of backer funds raised using the funding platform Fig.

The long-awaited Psychonauts 2 is still on track for a 2018 release on PC and consoles.