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CrossfireX sees launch issues on Xbox Game Pass

Many unable to access campaign content.

Xbox is trying to resolve an issue that has seen players unable to obtain the CrossfireX campaign content on Games Pass.

CrossfireX came to Xbox Game Pass today, much to the excitement of those who have been waiting for its release since it was first announced in 2019. However, fans have been left disappointed, as many are currently unable to gain access to its single player campaign developed by Alan Wake maker Remedy. Microsoft is aware of this issue and has shared it is working to fix it. At the time of writing, its status is currently close to being resolved.

While CrossfireX has a free-to-play multiplayer component developed by Smilegate (the developer behind the original game in the series), its single player campaign has been put together by Remedy over the last few years.

Given that Remedy is most famous for story-based action games such as Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control, CrossfireX is quite the change of scene for the developer. So much a change of scene, in fact, that many may feel Remedy is an odd choice to be helming the development of a FPS.

However, there is a very good reason that it was chosen - SmileGate's Jin Woo Jung is a big fan of Max Payne, one of Remedy's most critically acclaimed titles. Therefore, when Smilegate was deciding who it would want on board to bring Crossfire to the West, Remedy was its "first choice".

Microsoft are likely hopeful that CrossfireX will become as successful as its predecessor, which is one of the most popular first-person shooters in the world. However, for that to happen, it really needs to get it working properly. Fingers crossed it will be up and running soon.

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