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Here's a glimpse at free-to-play FPS CrossFireX

Ahead of its Xbox One release next year.

UPDATE 16th Nov 2019: This article incorrectly linked the footage of CrossfireX released this week to its Remedy-developed campaign. We've edited the headline to remove this link. Sorry for the mistake!

ORIGINAL STORY 15th Nov 2019: CrossFire, SmileGate Entertainment's phenomenally popular free-to-play online tactical shooter, is heading west for the first time next year in the guise of CrossFireX for Xbox One. And now, thanks to Microsoft's X019 event, we've been given a first look at its Remedy Entertainment developed single-player campaign.

CrossFire, if you're unfamiliar, has amassed over 650 million registered players since its initial launch in 2007, making it one of the most played PC games in the world. It's primarily known for its Counter-Strike-like competitive multiplayer mode, pitting teams of players - representing one of two mercenary corporations, either Black List or Global Risk - against each other in a race to complete various objective-based scenarios.

Remedy, best known for the acclaimed likes of Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Control, was confirmed to be involved with the CrossFire series back in 2016. However, that news made more of a splash in the west earlier this year, when Microsoft announced that CrossFireX would be coming to Xbox One in 2020, with Remedy in charge of its story campaign.

Cover image for YouTube videoCrossfireX - X019 - First Gameplay Teaser

CrossFireX's single-player mode, like its multiplayer component, plays out in first-person, something of a departure for Remedy, and the developer says its solo campaign features a "sprawling global conflict between Global Risk and Black List".

"Global Risk's agents use advanced technology to fight for order and security, while Black List's mercenaries fight to destabilize regimes in the name of freedom," Remedy explains, "This isn't a story of good versus evil, it's about a clash between two opposing factions which exist in shades of gray when it comes to morality."

There's a taste of that in the new CrossFireX gameplay trailer above, titled Black Widow, and Microsoft promises there's "much more to come".