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Chunky Uncharted 2 patch this week

New map, skins, boards, double cash.

Naughty Dog plans to release a Thanksgiving update for Uncharted 2 this week featuring a new map, new character models and leaderboards.

Not content with that, it's also having a "double cash" weekend between 6pm GMT tomorrow and 7pm GMT on Monday, during which the money you get for multiplayer feats will be - you guessed it - doubled.

The new map is The Fort, and was inspired by the Fortress chapter of the original game. Naughty Dog has said to expect "a long rectangular map with wide open spaces and excellent flank routes". Apparently there's a shotgun in the centre of the map, and an RPG in a side room in the crypt.

As for the leaderboards, they show you competitive wins, co-op, kills and money on a global or friends-list basis.

And as you can see from the screenshot gallery showcasing all these changes, and the new map, those new character models as "Thanksgiving versions" of Drake and Lazarevic. They really do need to be seen to be believed.