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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Cheap This Week - 27/04/11

Brink! Diablo 3! Castlevania! 3DS!

Fancy some cheap games? You're in luck, because here's the lowdown on what's Cheap This Week – the finest bargains from all over the internet collected in one convenient place for your consideration. There's a couple of hotly anticipated pre-orders for low prices, and the first signs of 3DS software getting proper discounts, so read on for the best in cheap gaming fun.

If you want to make sure you don't miss any of the best deals in gaming, get yourself over to, where you can get updates on what's cheap across all platforms, throughout the week.

Let's do this thing.

Here's what's Cheap This Week

Super Street Fighter IV - 3DS - £23.48 delivered (apply coupon "GAME15")

A shrunk down portable version of Capcom's top-tier fighter. This impressed Johnny enough for him to give it 8/10.

"It's hard to see Super Street Fighter IV on 3DS becoming a serious alternative for high-level players, but no-one really expected it to. That Capcom gets so close is a tremendous achievement, and while let down on occasion by the awkwardness of the control layout, the game makes up for this through its innovation, depth, style and the endless joy of a fireball in the chops," he wrote.

"A great start for Capcom on 3DS, then, and further proof there's life in the old quarter-circle yet."

Diablo 3 - PC/Mac – £24.99 delivered

It's a bit strange seeing a much-anticipated Blizzard game available to pre-order for this price. StarCraft II is one of the small number of PC games from the last few years to stay above £30 everywhere for a long time after release.

There's still no release date for this, of course. I guess it could conceivably come out this year? Oli had an extensive hands on of this at the end of 2010 and it sounds a bit good. It's already been a long time coming, and no doubt Blizzard will be polishing and polishing and polishing this before unleashing it on the world. In its own time – although hopefully in ours.

12 minutes of hot monk-on-monster action.

Nintendo 3DS - From £162.85, Black/Blue

This is a very limited offer, because as soon as the stock is gone it's gone for good. It's from Amazon Warehouse, which is the bit of their website that they put clearance stuff in.

When the condition is marked as "Used - Like New", it means that the console itself will be absolutely fine, and I think the worst you can expect is damaged packaging.

Anyone else kicking themselves for paying full price for one of these at release?