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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Cheap This Week - 06/07/11

Juarez! 3DS! DiRT 3! LBP2!

Strap yourselves in folks, there are bargains galore this week. We've two nicely discounted consoles available, a stellar pre-order offer, a couple of fairly recent releases getting their first proper discount, and a bite-sized game for just a quid. If Cheap This Week every Wednesday isn't enough for you, you can always find more cheap games over at

Here are this week's deals:

Chime, PC - £1

The Steam sale has dozens of great discounts worth your attention, but Chime for a quid struck me as being particularly good value. It was already a great deal at full price, but with 75% off, it's firmly in impulse purchase territory.

Christian reviewed the Xbox 360 version which was pretty much the same game, although the PC version has more control methods available and includes Jonathan Coulton's Still Alive. This is what he reckoned of it:

"This is about exploration more than progress, and once the thrill of getting to grips with the mechanics has died down, the appeal of Free mode, with its absence of scores or time limits, kicks in, turning the whole experience into a sound toy as much as a puzzler.

A lack of depth doesn't stop Chime from quietly turning its own genre on its head either. Zoë Mode's game shows what can happen when you give up destruction in favour of creation, and exchange tension for a kind of dreamy calm."

Chime Super Deluxe.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel, PC - £14.85 delivered

Bit of an unknown quantity here. Out of the blue, The Hut is giving a rather hefty discount on this. If you're willing to take a gamble and pre-order it now, you can net it for under fifteen quid.

Steve previewed this back in March, and had this to say:

"In gaming terms, the real controversy lies in the present day Los Angeles setting. It's still a Western, we're told, 'a lawless world where good guys fight against bad guys and let the bullets speak for them.' Apparently, Westerns feature 'Real Men,' and to emphasise this we're shown a picture of Clint Eastwood and also one of hard-hitting cop show, The Shield. Presumably this is a subliminal attempt to induce the media-friendly soundbite: 'Clint Eastwood meets The Shield.'"

No, I'm not sold yet either. It's too soon to know for certain whether this will be any good, but if you're willing to risk it, you could get yourself a real bargain here. You can always cancel your pre-order closer to release if you change your mind.