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CG Resi film in works

Sony and Capcom join forces.

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Capcom has said it will be joining forces with Sony Pictures Japan to make a computer-animated Resident Evil film.

Dubbed Biohazard: Degeneration, it will be the first full-length CG feature in the history of the franchise, and is due to air in cinemas next year. Biohazard is what the survival-horror series is called in Japan, in case you are only just crawling out of your grave and tasting a piece of slushy moss for the first time.

So far there have been three big-screen Resident Evil ventures, most recently Resident Evil: Extinction starring Milla Jovovich, which is now showing across the UK. Unfortunately none of the films have received much of a positive response, though.

That is in direct contrast to the celebrated series of games, however, with most recent offering Resident Evil 4 finishing as our second favourite title of 2005.

A fifth game is currently being worked on for PS3 and 360, which takes place amid a zombie break-out in Haiti. However, it was notably absent from Capcom's recent Gamer's Day line-up, and has also been mired by accusations of racism because nearly all of the baddies seem to be black.

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