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Capcom live service dino game Exoprimal lays out post-launch roadmap

Including Street Fighter and Monster Hunter collabs.

Image credit: Capcom

We're just days away from the arrival of Capcom's Exoprimal - the publisher's new online squad-based live service game with lots of dinosaurs.

Ahead of Exoprimal's launch this Friday 14th July for PC, PlayStation and Xbox (including through Xbox Game Pass), Capcom has now laid out what to expect from the game over the coming months.

At launch, Exoprimal offers a mode called Dino Survival, which lets you pick between PVE and PVP battles (or a random choice of the two).

Exoprimal x Street Fighter 6 Collaboration teaser trailer.Watch on YouTube

Exoprimal Season 1 begins alongside the game, and will wrap in several post-launch additions. These include a co-op mode named Savage Gauntlet that acts as a replayable five-person late-game experience, due on 28th July, and then a fresh set of exosuits to try out on 17th August.

Season 2 arrives in mid-October, and adds a new map and a new final mission. It will also include Capcom's first in-game collaboration, with Street Fighter 6. As previously confirmed, Robot Ryu and Guile are both on the way.

Season 3 then begins in January 2024, with yet more exosuits, the addition of a "Neo Triceratops" to battle, and Capcom's Monster Hunter collaboration.

Are you interested in giving Exoprimal a go?

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