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Robot Ryu and Guile head to Capcom's dino shooter Exoprimal this autumn

As part of Street Fighter 6 collaboration.

If it's weird crossovers you want, how about Street Fighter obots smashing against killer dinos? Because that's what Capcom's offering in its newly announced Exoprimal collaboration.

Exoprimal is, of course, Capcom's new squad-based multiplayer shooter, in which teams of five, adorned in ridiculously over-the-top mech-style armour known as Exosuits, take on hordes of dinosaurs, from swarming raptors to marauding T. rexes.

And that's where Capcom's Street Fighter 6 collaboration comes in, with a bunch of familiar faces from the long-running franchise dropping into Exoprimal in the form of stylised Exosuits.

xoprimal x Street Fighter 6 Collaboration teaser trailer.Watch on YouTube

Capcom has so far confirmed two Street Fighter characters making the jump to Exoprimal: a decidedly shiny robo Ryu and an equally glistening Guile, who arrives with his iconic hairdo in check, despite being made out of metal.

It's unclear if there'll be more than just those two Street Fighter 6 characters coming to Exoprimal, but we'll no doubt hear more as the collaboration's autumn launch nears.

Exoprimal itself releases for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X/S, and Game Pass on 14th July.

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