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Exoprimal voice actors list, cast and who voices each character

Here's some of the actors behind the new characters.

Exoprimal is finally here, and it boasts a voice cast filled with actors that you'll likely recognise from other games.

If you've yet to dive in, Exoprimal pits you against waves of dinosaur enemies, as you shoot, dash and try to control the approaching hordes.

Here's the Exoprimal voice actors list, so that you can put faces to some of the voices you'll be hearing while playing.

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Exoprimal voice actors list

Here's the voice actors list for Exoprimal, for the main cast of characters featured in the game:

  • Krizia Bajos - Majesty
  • Dawn M. Bennett - Skywave
  • Tiffany Lauren Bennicke - Haruka
  • Edward Bosco - Nadi
  • Irving Green - Barrage
  • Zeke Hardman - Witchdoctor
  • Zach Lazar Hoffman - Krieger
  • Judy Alice Lee - Nimbus
  • Jason Linere-White - Zephyr
  • Dave B. Mitchell - Roadblock
  • Noel Nakahashi - Magnum
  • Emily O'Brien - Sandy
  • Ben Prendergast - Dr. Synes
  • Jeff Schine - Alders/Durban
  • William Christopher Stephens - Lorenzo
  • Mark Whitten - Leviathan
  • Joe Zieja - Deadeye

This is the main cast for Exoprimal. We've left out some additional characters, and those that could be considered spoilers for the main story. Keep reading for more info on the game's main cast.

Mark Whitten - Leviathan

Developed by Aibius Corp., Leviathan is a new generation AI that guides players throughout Exoprimal via voice navigation and augmented reality displays. It's voiced by Mark Whitten, who has previously worked on games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Diablo IV, and Genshin Impact.

Krizia Bajos - Majesty

Majesty is voiced by Krizia Bajos. You may recognise her from the TV show Barry. She's also voiced characters in Saints Row, Modern Warfare 2 and more.

Ben Prendergast - Dr. Synes

Dr. Synes is the genius leader and head researcher at Anchor Division. He is played by Ben Prendergast, who has voiced characters in a handful of video games before, including Hades, God of War: Ragnarok, and Apex Legends.

William Christopher Stephens - Lorenzo

Lorenzo is a suit mechanic and the de-facto leader of the Hammerheads. He's voiced by William Christopher Stephens, who you may recognise from Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Saints Row and Back4Blood.

Emily O'Brien - Sandy

Sandy is a support android that will assist you as you go out on missions. They're played by Emily O'Brien, who has worked on games like Midnight Suns, Death Stranding, and Saints Row.

Noel Nakahashi - Magnum

Magnum guides new recruits through Leviathan wargames, and is an exosuit pilot that is known for being more than a little bit hot-headed. He's voiced by Noel Nakahashi, in what appears to be his first role in a video game.

So there you have it, that's the main voice cast for Exoprimal. For more on the game, be sure to read our Exoprimal review.

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