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Broken Age: Act 1 now available on iPad, priced £6.99

Act 2 to follow as an in-app purchase.

The first half of Tim Schafer's Broken Age is now available on iPad, developer Double Fine has announced.

Priced at £6.99/$9.99, the app currently includes all of the game's Act 1. The concluding slice, Act 2, will be made available at a later date as an in-app purchase.

The game's eye-catching hand-drawn art has been specifically drawn to fit the iPad screen, while touch controls have been added to enable you to swipe and tap your way around the adventure game.

Act 1 has been available since January on PC, Mac and Linux. Android and Ouya releases are also still on the cards.

Dan Whitehead described the game's PC release as "pleasant but undemanding, gorgeous but lacking in depth" in Eurogamer's Broken Age: Act 1 review.

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