Broken Age

The second half of Double Fine's adventure offers more puzzles, lots of repetition and a muddled conclusion.


Publishing boss leaves Double Fine just months after Microsoft acquisition

"I'm so proud of all the amazing things we've accomplished and really really sad to leave."

Pick up 10 Double Fine games for £15.19 this weekend on Steam

Includes Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Broken Age and more.

Publishing boss leaves Double Fine just months after Microsoft acquisition

"I'm so proud of all the amazing things we've accomplished and really really sad to leave."

Pick up 10 Double Fine games for £15.19 this weekend on Steam

Includes Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Broken Age and more.

Double Fine offers Broken Age Vita online bug workaround

Can't play the game offline? Try this.

Broken Age Act 2 release date set for April

PlayStation 4, Vita version due on same day.

Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition announced for PlayStation and PC

Grim Fandango dated, Broken Age: Act 2 to release on PS4 and Steam simultaneously.

Broken Age Act 2 release set for early 2015

Will last 8-12 hours, Double Fine reports.

Broken Age: Act 1 now available on iPad, priced £6.99

Act 2 to follow as an in-app purchase.

Ouya to remove free trial requirement in April

Santiago explains Ouya's advantage over self-publishing on other consoles.

Double Fine's Broken Age: Act 2 now fully funded

Schafer: we caused a "cold pool of Internet Twitter hate".

Video | Watch us play the first hour of Broken Age

Tim Schafer's return to adventure is here and streaming from 5pm.

Broken Age to receive its finished public release in a fortnight

Will cost $25 for a season pass. New trailer released.

Broken Age Episode One releases for backers on Tuesday

Schafer's first adventure game in 16 years.

Broken Age to star Elijah Wood

And Wil Wheaton as Curtis the Lumberjack.

Broken Age to feature Jack Black and Jennifer Hale

As Harm'ny Lightbeard, lifter of clouds, and Mom, respectively.

Tim Schafer needs more money to finish Broken Age

UPDATE: Schafer: "Double Fine is NOT asking for more money. We are fine, financially."

Ouya will be the first - and possibly only - console to receive Double Fine Adventure

Words With Friends creator Paul Bettner making a couple of games for it, too.

What a year Kickstarter had in 2012

How many game ideas do you think were pitched?

EA to waive Origin distribution fees for all Kickstarter games

New initiative to lure crowd-funded indie projects.

Kickstarter thanks Double Fine for massive bump in business

It seems old-school adventure game fans are a generous bunch.

Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter total tops $3.3m

Final tally is eight times more than original request.

Schafer: Double Fine Adventure is a "chinchilla-based snuff game"

"A lot of nudity. I hope that was clear in the Kickstarter pitch."

Video | Tim Schafer's Double Fine Adventure video bloopers

Developer to answer questions on Reddit this Sunday.

Double Fine Adventure will likely be "old school" 2D

Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert mull over Kickstarter project.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Why Everyone Is Amazing

Devs and gamers are united, and there can be only one winner: everyone!

Double Fine Adventure is DRM free, has English voiceover

Confirmed platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Feature | The Kickstarter Conundrum

Double Fine's success story could be one that's unlikely to be repeated.

Double Fine Adventure passes Day of the Tentacle budget

Full Throttle's $1.5m price tag within reach.

Double Fine Adventure raises $1m in less than 24 hours

Crowd funding effort smashes Kickstarter records.

Psychonauts developer Double Fine making fan-funded adventure game

UPDATE: Hits magic $400,000 mark in less than a day.