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Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle - How to solve the coloured skulls and glowing pumpkins

Meddle with some skulls and pumpkins for a reward.

The pumpkin puzzle is an optional part of Bloody Harvest: Descent into Heck, the Halloween mission in Borderlands 3.

On your journey through The Heck Hole, you'll come across a room containing a set of four coloured pumpkins and, beyond it, a set of coloured skull switches.

Solving this puzzle will reward you with a nice pile of cash and some loot, so it's definitely worth your time.

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How to solve the pumpkin puzzle in Borderlands 3

During your journey through Heck, you'll visit a room that has been infested with Ratch.

This is the room where you'll find the pumpkin puzzle and, after you've killed all the Ratch, you're free to complete it.

Here you'll find four pumpkins, each one glowing a different colour, and in the small room beyond, there are four coloured skulls to pull on.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, going from left to right, look at the colour of the pumpkins.

Starting with the pumpkin on the far left, when standing at the bottom of the stairs, you must pull the skull switches in accordance with the colour the pumpkins are glowing. For example, if the pumpkin furthest on the left is glowing blue, then you must pull the blue skull switch.

Look at the colour of the pumpkins in this order.

It's a good idea to check what the next pumpkin colour is before pulling each switch, because there is a chance that this colour will change. Colours can also repeat, so don't be surprised if you find yourself pulling the same switch multiple times.

Oh - and don't fall down the hole in the middle of the room either.

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How to reset the pumpkin puzzle in Borderlands 3

Somebody laughing after you pull one of the skulls is a sign that you've made a mistake. If this happens, simply fast travel back to Sanctuary III and, from there, return to Heck.

Return to the Sanctuary III to reset the puzzle.

The enemies you fought will have respawned, but the puzzle will have reset, giving you another attempt without having to replay the entire mission.

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