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Black Ops 4 Dark Ops objectives: Every secret task we know so far

All the secret Dark Ops we know about so far in Black Ops 4.

Black Ops 4 Dark Ops are secret challenges you can unlock throughout the game.

Each of the game's core three modes - Multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout - have bonus Challenges that only unlock when you actually complete them. Unless, of course, you know them before hand - which is where this page comes in.

Of course, with Black Ops 4 only just being released, this is a work-in-progress - but here are all the Black Ops 4 Dark Ops objectives we've found so far.

Black Ops 4 Dark Ops objectives explained

In every mode, there are a series of Challenges you can unlock to earn additional XP or Merits.

These are mostly pretty standard tasks, from getting a specific amount of wins or using certain weapons and items a specific number of times. Our Blackout Challenges page will give you an idea of what these look like.

But alongside these are Dark Ops. These are secret objectives you can complete to give you XP and Merits, but only reveal themselves in-game when you complete them.

Most of these are require you to do unusual tasks. Not all of them are particularly difficult, just things you probably would never thing to do ordinarily - such as playing the dukebox in a specific building in Blackout, for example:

It should be noted these Dark Ops objectives do not contribute to your 100% Challenge total, so aren't essential for those wanting those specific unlocks. But you do get Merits or XP and a card for your trouble - just like regular Challenges.

Black Ops 4 Dark Ops objectives list we know about so far

Below are the Dark Ops objectives we know about so far. Each of the game's three modes has them, and since Black Ops 4 has only just released, it may take a little while for them all - but hopefully it'll get you started.

Blackout Dark Ops objectives

Blackout Dark Ops listObjectiveAdditional notes
Back in the GroundKill 100 Zombies.From zombie spawn Mystery box locations. Done over multiple matches.
BallerShoot a basket.Pick up a basketball and dunk it in Estates or other houses throughout the map.
Fist FighterKill an enemy using only your fists.Easier to complete at the very start of a match before either of you have weapons.
Open the Blast DoorsOpen the Blast Doors at Fraking TowerThe switch is on a walkway north of the blast doors (in the ground in the centre of the map).
Practice Makes PerfectShoot a bullseye at the Firing Range from 90 metersMake sure you hit it in the middle!
Red Light, Green LightFind and be the first to loot the underwater supply stash at the Cargo Docks.Doesn't always spawn!
Respect Your EldersPay your respects to Tanbor Fudgely.Just south of the boxing ring zombie spawn Mystery box locations is a memorial - use the action button there to bow.
Zombie JamsActivate the Jukebox at the Diner.The Diner is west of Array is one of the zombie spawn Mystery box locations.

That's eight now discovered. Any thoughts on the ninth and final one?

Operation Grand Heist is here, and so are four new Blackout character unlocks. If you're only just getting started, our Black Ops 4 Blackout tips and tricks can help, as well Mystery Box and zombie locations for useful loot and how to get Merits fast to level Eschelons. We also have a Blackout Challenges and Black Ops 4 Dark Ops list. Meanwhile, here's how to unlock Create a Class in Black Ops 4 multiplayer, and finally, the best Blackout weapons, guns and multiplayer weapon damage stats.

Multiplayer Dark Ops objectives

Multiplayer Dark Ops listObjective
Frenzy KillerEarn a Frenzy Kill medal (5 rapid kills).
Mega KillerGet a Mega Kill medal (6 rapid kills).
Get Outta HereGet a Shutdown medal by killing an enemy that has activate Grav Slam while they are still in the air after using the Grapple Gun.
Nuclear KillerEarn a Nuclear medal (30 kills without dying).
Nuked OutEarned a Nuclear medal in FFA without using scorestreak rewards.
ObtainedEarned Dark Matter Camo by earning Diamond on all weapons in the game.
Shrug It OffSurvive a direct hit from an enemy RC-XD and kill the enemy who was driving it in the same life.

Rumoured but not confirmed Blackout Dark Ops objectives:

  • Additional Dark Ops objectives for other rapid kill medals.
  • There is not one for Fresh Reset (restarting your stats) for those wondering (thanks iTrexX on reddit!)

And that's all we have so far. Found any others on your travels?

Remember, there are are normal objectives to tick off in each mode. We have a page on Blackout Challenges, which might be worth looking over before a match if you fancy doing some additional tasks you go.

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