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BioWare spills first Sonic RPG details

Stylus controlled, watercolour visuals.

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BioWare has released the first details of its Sonic role-playing game for DS.

As part of a seven-page spread in US magazine Nintendo Power, the title has been confirmed as Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

According to the article (as reported by NeoGaf forum users) you will be able to control a party of four, picked from a squad of 11 in total. Confirmed so far are Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow and Big The Cat. Certain sections will allow you to split your group up.

Each character has their own particular strengths; Tails can float over obstacles, for example. All are customisable as you level up, too.

Battles will be turn-based and non-random, thankfully, plus you will be able to stack team and special attacks to speed things up a little.

BioWare has gone for a completely stylus-driven control system, a la Phantom Hourglass, and an impressive hand-drawn watercolour-style presentation. There are some scanned shots over on Jeux France if you want to take a peek.

The storyline will revolve around the kidnapping of Knuckles two years after Sonic defeated Eggman. BioWare wants to make him a more credible baddie apparently, but he won't be the main villain.

The action will initially take place on familiar sunny ground, but progress later to a much darker world. Oh, and it has cutscenes.

SEGA and BioWare announced the project last summer, suggesting it'll be out some time this year.

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