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SEGA confirms Summer of Sonic event

It's being held in London this August.

SEGA has confirmed it will be helping out with Summer of Sonic, a special event being held in London this August.

"The Summer of Sonic is essentially a community get-together/convention arranged by a number of Sonic fansites, such as The Sonic Stadium and Sonic Wrecks," a SEGA spokesperson told Eurogamer.

"Although independently organised, SEGA's online community team will be providing some support for the event as part of the promotion for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and Sonic Unleashed."

As detailed on the event website, there will be competitions to enter and the chance to play Sonic Chronicles before the game is released this autumn.

"The event has been designed to cater for all ages of Sonic fans, also covering the older games and comics," said Mr SEGA.

Sonic himself, okay a man in a blue costume, will be there to greet fans. We've also heard rumours there will be a special guest or two in attendance, though SEGA's saying nothing.

Summer of Sonic will take place on August 9th at the Dragon Hall in London's Covent Garden. As opposed to Macclesfield's.