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BioWare looking into PSP, Wii

But still quiet on PS3.

BioWare is is "looking into" making games for Wii and PSP in order to offer a wider array of titles.

"We're looking into Wii and PSP as a company... but nothing has been decided, and nothing has been announced. And we are, from styles of games - we are trying to broaden our portfolio," Mark Darrah, project lead for Sonic Chronicles, told Gamasutra.

He revealed the DS role-playing project had swollen to around 30 staff at one point, but despite the help and scale it had remained a frustrating platform to develop for.

"I mean, the hardware is challenging for someone who's done console or PC development, just because it's got four megabytes of memory, and it's very much hardware from - if you compare it to a PC, it's like hardware from 14 years ago."

Traditionally, BioWare has been a PC developer, but it moved onto Xbox with Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, before creating Xbox 360 epic Mass Effect.

It was also bought by mega-publisher EA last October.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood will be its first DS game when it comes out September.

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