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BioWare considering Mass Effect for DS

Maybe Jade Empire and Dragon Age too.

BioWare is considering doing DS versions of Mass Effect, Jade Empire, and Dragon Age, plus a couple of others.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer Germany, Miles Holmes, lead designer of Sonic Chronicles, said the developer was looking at "basically anything that reinforces the franchises".

"I tell you which one I would want. I want the Mass Effect one," said Holmes, no relation to Sherlock.

"We have a lot of big plans for Mass Effect. Having a DS version would be an awesome way to keep interest alive and keep it going in addition to [Mass Effect 2]."

Holmes said the overall goal of the handheld team is to reinforce major title releases, and at full capacity will work on up-to three projects at once.

Sonic Chronicles, due out on 26th September, is the DS game from BioWare. Holmes talked of the game as a way to get the handheld division off the ground.

His comments echo those of fellow Sonic Chronicles team member Mark Darrah, who recently revealed BioWare was looking into PSP and Wii development as a way to "broaden our portfolio".

BioWare was bought by mega-publisher EA last October.