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Biomutant PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S update announced

Free fur existing owners in September.

Open-world game Biomutant will get new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions on 6th September.

An update, free for existing owners of the game, will add 4K resolution, HDR support and a boosted frame-rate "up to 60fps".

On PS5, three graphics modes will be offered. Quality (30fps at 4K), Quality Unleashed (40+ fps "up to 4K") and Performance (60fps locked at 1440p). DualSense support and Activity Cards will also be available.

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On Xbox Series X/S, the same three graphical options will vary between console types. Quality will offer 30fps at 4K, or 1440p on Series S. Quality Unleashed will offer 40+ fps "up to 4K" on Series X or 1440p on Series S. Finally, Performance will offer 60fps locked at 1440p, or 1080p on Series S.

"For all the weirdness and fun it promises, Biomutant ends up a deeply conventional open-world action game," Malindy Hetfeld wrote in Eurogamer's Biomutant review.

Biomutant, developed by Swedish studio Experiment 101, launched in May last year and shifted more than 1m copies - enough that it was able to break even within a week of launch despite a long development.

Publisher THQ Nordic bought Experiment 101 in November 2017, picking up the studio and the intellectual property rights to Biomutant for around £6.2m.

THQ Nordic parent company Embracer subsequently described Biomutant sales as "in line with management expectations".

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