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Biomutant confirms it's still alive and kicking

Fur the win.

After a period of relative silence from Experiment 101, the developer has piped up to say Biomutant is still on schedule to launch sometime in 2020 - although, as ever, we still don't have an exact release date.

"We know many of you are wondering if the game is still in development," Experiment 101 said in a statement posted on Twitter. "Let us assure you that we've never been working harder and more focused on it than now!"

The reason for the lack of a set release date, Experiment 101 continued, is simply because the studio doesn't yet feel ready to announce it.

"As some of you might understand or know, the work involved in finishing a game is long, challenging and unpredictable. The sheer magnitude, size, and length of Biomutant adds to said effort.

"We will reveal the release date as soon as everyone at our studio feels confident about hitting that date and that the game is ready for it."

First announced back in August 2017, Biomutant is an open-world RPG where players can customise their animal protagonist with mutations, and use both martial arts-style combat and shooting to hack their way around the plague-ridden landscape. It looks promising, and already has a community itching to play it - but a perceived lack of new information following Gamescom 2019 prompted many on Reddit to question whether the game was still on track to release this year. Well, now it's official: you can relax, everything's fine.

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