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Crash, Dragon Ball and more in this Switch deals round-up

Including tons of titles under £25.

Spring's coming, and with all the Bank Holidays in the pipeline, now's the time to stock up on games. Although Switch titles tend to be notoriously deals-proof, we've dug up a few titles with not-too-shabby discounts. Let's take a look at the best Nintendo Switch games deals about right now.

First up, the fabulous Rollercoaster Tycoon Adventures is down to £23.99 at Argos - saving you a bit over a tenner. Build wild theme park rides, then rake in all those sweet cash monies.

Next, everyone's favourite insane marsupial-based series, theCrash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, is down to an all time low of £21.99 at eBay - you won't find it cheaper elsewhere.

One particularly Kriller deal is cosmic RPG beat-em-up Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for £25.39 with free postage at Base. Speaking of krill, you can catch Legendary Fishing for a reduced £9.99 at MyMemory as well.

Yesterday Origins

In a similarly anime vein, Disgaea 1 Complete is down to only £21.88 at Amazon, while hack-and-slash Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is at its cheapest price of £23.99 at Base currently.

Although it's not the most outstanding of savings, Dark Souls Remastered is under £30 at ShopTo - saving you a few quid at least.

Meanwhile, folks in the market for a narrative adventure can't go too far wrong with occult mystery thriller Yesterday Origins, which is at its cheapest Nintendo Switch price of £15.85 over at - you guessed it - Base.

Child of Light

While we're on story-driven titles, there's also just under a tenner to be saved on the Child of Light and Valiant Hearts double pack at ShopTo, which is down to £21.85.

Happy deals hunting folks, and be sure to have a Nintendo Switch SD card or two lined up for all those extra games!

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