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Bayonetta voice actress issues new statement defending her "reputation in the industry"

"I was just asking for a fair, living wage in line with the value that I bring to this game."

Bayonetta 1 artwork of the witch adjusting her glasses with a pistol in front of the moon
Image credit: Platinum

Bayonetta voice actress Hellena Taylor has issued a further statement on Twitter addressing the pay dispute with PlatinumGames.

In her initial statement, released a week ago, she claimed to have received an "insulting" offer to voice the character in the forthcoming Bayonetta 3. She asked fans to boycott the game in response.

Later, reports from Bloomberg and VGC emerged disputing Taylor's claims.

Bayonetta 3 – Nintendo Direct 9.13.22 Watch on YouTube

Now, Taylor has given further details to clarify the initial offer she received and to defend her reputation.

"It has come to my attention that some people are calling me a liar and golddigger. I feel the need to defend myself and my reputation in the industry," she said on Twitter.

"As I posted on part three of my video thread. I explained that their first offer was too low. That offer was 10,000 dollars total. Remember, this is 450 million dollar franchise, (not counting merchandise.). I then wrote in Japanese to Hideki Kamiya, asking for what I was worth. I thought that as a creative, he would understand. He replied saying how much he valued my contribution to the game and how much the fans wanted me to voice the game. I was then offered an extra 5,0000! [this is presumably a typo for 5,000]

"So, I declined to voice the game. I then heard nothing from them for 11 months. They then offered me a flat fee to voice some lines for 4,000 dollars. Any other lies, such as 4,000 for five sessions are total fabrications.

"There were not 'extensive negotiations'. I've also been informed of ridiculous fictions, such as I asked for 250,000 dollars. I am a team player. I was just asking for a fair, living wage in line with the value that I bring to this game.

"I was paid a shockingly low total of £3000 total for the first game. A little more for the second. I wanted to voice her. I have drummed up interest in this game ever since I started on Twitter in 2011."

Voice actress Jennifer Hale will voice the character in Bayonetta 3. She released a statement noting she's under NDA so cannot discuss the situation, but she asked that "everyone keep in mind that this game has been created by an entire team of hard-working, dedicated people and I hope everyone will keep an open mind about what they've created".

She later asked for fans to be kinder following online abuse.

Developer PlatinumGames followed with its own statement in support of Hale.

"We give our full support to Jennifer Hale as the new Bayonetta, and align with everything in her statement," it said.

"We ask people to please refrain from any further comments that would disrespect Jennifer or any of the other contributors to the series."