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Bayonetta 3 includes series-first family-friendly mode

Cover up.

Bayonetta 3 will include a family-friendly mode to cover up the game's partial nudity.

Following the announcement of the game's release date - that's 28th October - a tweet from developer Platinum Games shows a video of the mode that's not been included in previous Bayonetta games.

It's called "Naive Angel Mode" and will have the titular witch completely covered in all scenes, as well as extra coverage on her demonic form's breasts.

Bayonetta 3 - The witch returns this autumn!

The mode allows for a more family friendly take on the series, perhaps to entice younger players, although the series is known for its mature humour.

However, it's not exactly canon as Bayonetta's skin-tight suit is made of her hair, which in turn acts as a conduit for her magical Wicked Weave powers - hence the nudity.

That's also allowed for some tongue-in-cheek moments during cutscenes.

Elsewhere, this third game in the series will feature multiple Bayonettas (a multiverse perhaps?) as well as brand new playable character Viola.

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