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Bayonetta 3 finally arrives in October

Nintendo witch.

The long-awaited Nintendo Switch exclusive Bayonetta 3 will finally launch on 28th October, a new trailer has confirmed.

Platinum Games' threequel was first announced nearly five years ago, and has been MIA for much of that time. Today's lengthy trailer offers us a good look at the game, however. Here it is:

The long-awaited Bayonetta 3 is finally just three months away.

"The titular Umbra Witch must face a mysterious evil using her signature guns and time-slowing Witch Time ability," Nintendo writes. "This time, invading man-made bioweapons called Homunculi find themselves in Bayonetta's crosshairs."

A new ability named Demon Masquerade will let Bayonetta channel the demon linked to her weapon for "exciting action options" and "hair-raising combos". Bayonetta can also summon demons for "new, larger-than-life battles where you directly control the action".

The game's story will feature both Tokyo and the mountains of China, and let you play as the "feisty" witch Viola plus her demon companion Cheshire - the creature wih the rather large teeth in the above trailer.

A special edition version, titled the Trinity Masquerade Edition, will also be available on 28th October. It packs the game with a 200-page art book and title sheets for the whole trilogy.

In the run-up to that, a physical launch of the original Bayonetta will arrive on 30th September.

Today is the second day in a row with a major game announcement from Nintendo, which chose not to broadcast a first-party Nintendo Direct during this year's traditional E3 window. Yesterday brought word of Kirby's Dream Buffet, which launches this summer as an eShop-exclusive downloadable game.

What will the rest of this week bring? I'd like some Mario Kart DLC news, please.

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