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Bastion soundtrack available now

Downloadable today, on CD soon.

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The soundtrack to Xbox Live Arcade action role-player Bastion is now available to download.

Developer Supergiant has responded to fan clamouring by releasing the full 22-track album. It's available now in various high quality formats and DRM free, via Bandcamp for $10 (£6.14).

Hold out until 2nd September and you'll have the option of buying a limited edition CD version signed by composer Darren Korb. It costs $15 (£9.25) and your purchase unlocks a downloadable copy, too.

There's plenty to love about 8/10 Bastion (scheduled for release on PC soon), but the game's musical score and innovative narration are stand-out elements.

The soundtrack contains over an hour of the game's acoustic frontier trip hop, including original bonus track The Pantheon and a new vocal introduction by the game's gorgeously gravely narrator.

Fancy a quick listen for free? Bandcamp also has the whole thing available to stream.

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