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Banana clicking game now 9th most popular of all time on Steam, knocks Baldur's Gate 3 out of top 10

Smooth-ie criminal.

A Minion from the Despicable Me film series hugs a large banana bunch
Image credit: Universal Pictures (via Illumination)

That game where all you do is click a banana is now one of Steam's most popular releases ever. In fact, it is so popular, it has today bopped both Hogwarts Legacy and Baldur's Gate 3 down a place on Steam's most played games chart.

Banana - as the game is aptly called - is now sitting proudly in ninth place on Steam's most played games charts in terms of all-time player peak.

At the time of writing, that peak is 884,469 banana clickers, according to SteamDB.

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To put this in perspective, Hogwarts Legacy (which became the best selling game of 2023 in the United States, surpassing sales of Call of Duty) has an all-time player peak of 879,308. It is now the tenth most popular game on Steam.

And, as for the wildy-praised and multi-award winning Baldur's Gate 3? It is now out of the Steam top 10, with an all-time player peak of 875,343.

"Banana is a clicker Game, in which you click a Banana! In Banana you click the Banana to gain even more Bananas," reads Banana's synopsis on Steam. "Every 3 and 18 hours, you get dropped a banana. Each banana is also made by the community in Discord. Come hang out with us and let's grow into something awesome!"

The game currently sits with a Very Positive review average.

SteamDB chart showing how popular Banana has become
Image credit: SteamDB/Eurogamer

I played Banana myself earlier in the month, to find out what the fuss was about. It became the first game I ever got all the achievements in, so there is that, I suppose.

Are you one of the thousands currently clicking on Steam's Banana craze?

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