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Jamie is the Commerce Editor for Gamer Network and can usually be found writing about games, tech and his belief that there were never enough Jet Set Radios.

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One more week into May, one more week of questionable British weather - and whether you've had more of the fickle patches of sunshine or the random torrential downpours, at the very least we are one week closer to being able to play all those fancy new video games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Vampyr and, um, Dark Souls Remastered, I suppose.

Jelly DealsHumble's Spring Sale is now live

Plus, get a free copy of The Flame in the Flood.

What better way to celebrate the gradual increase in sunshine that spring brings than with a big sale on PC games that will keep you inside, safely locked away from all those harmful UV rays? With that firmly in mind, Humble's Spring Sale is now live and features thousands of discounts this month.

Jelly DealsGet Destiny 2 on PC for 10 / $12 with Humble Monthly

With more games added at the end of the month.

Humble Bundle - a site best known for its, well, bundles - has, for quite a while now, offered a monthly subscription plan appropriately titled the Humble Monthly. If you've not heard of this one by now, all you really need to know is that for 10 / $12 a month, you'll be getting a stack of PC games delivered to you by email.

Update 09/05/2018: Carving our way through May and swiftly approaching the time of year that is possibly best described as 'basically summer', there's no sign whatsoever of deals drying up any time soon. As such, we've gathered together a fresh batch of the best deals available to you right now, all of which you'll find below.

Through some series of events both fortunate and unfortunate, digital PC game retailer Green Man Gaming is turning eight years old this week. In order to celebrate the occasion, the folks in the big green GMG offices are offering up a variety of deals over the course of the next eight days. Specifically, new deals every eight hours with one big deal each day on top.

Now that all of that 'May the 4th be with you' madness has died down a bit thanks to the ceaseless onward march of time, we can get back to the regular, important things - like a big batch of video games and tech deals to check out, of course. Whether you've been saving for something in particular, or you just fancy treating yourself, you might find something in this week's batch of the best deals around.

As of today, you'll be able to save an extra 10 per cent off a whole batch of products from AO's official eBay outlet, with the use of a limited time voucher. This works on everything from 4K TVs to PlayStation 4 consoles to home appliances of all kinds. There's a minimum 40 spend to get your 10 per cent off but once you're past that, feel free to fill your boots.

Another Tuesday, another batch of Xbox Live Deals with Gold to check out. This time around you can find everything from some of the best indie darlings of the past few years to major triple-A releases. Better still, there are some Xbox One backwards compatible titles in amongst this week's offerings, if you want to feel all nostalgic for a moment.

While I'm still reeling at the fact that it'll be May in a couple of days and desperately trying to find free time with which to continue slogging through God of War, you'd better believe the deals haven't slowed down a bit. Although May is looking a little more sparse in terms of video game releases, you should be able to treat yourself to something nice this pay day to keep yourself going.

If you've been awake and anywhere near the internet over the past six months, you'll probably have heard how the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has had the unfortunate side effect of driving up the cost of graphics cards all over the world. If you could find a high-end graphics card actually still in stock over the past few months, odds are good that it would cost you an almost four-figure price tag.

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