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Jamie is the Commerce Editor for Gamer Network and can usually be found writing about games, tech and his belief that there were never enough Jet Set Radios.

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Jelly DealsGrand Theft Auto 5 discounted to £16 this week

£15.99 on PS4, £16.24 on Xbox One.

Good news if you happen to like crime and haven't had a chance to pick up a copy of GTA5 in the past, let's see... four years. Live right now, running until October 10th (on PS4, at least), you can pick up a copy of the game from as little as £16.

This week's roundup of the week's best gaming deals is coming to you live from EGX 2018 - the show run by Eurogamer's parent company Gamer Network - where everything is loud, lights are flashy and Wi-Fi coverage is at maximum load. There's a whole lot of different things to take a look at this week, so before the internet completely dies, let's get to it.

Jelly DealsThe best Switch-compatible wireless NES controllers

Retro gaming without Nintendo Switch Online.

With the launch of Nintendo Switch Online - the long-awaited subscription-based online service Nintendo announced some months ago - the company now joins the ranks of PlayStation and Xbox with paid-for online systems. Along with voice chat, online multiplayer and cloud saves, Nintendo Switch Online offers up a selection of classic NES games, each updated with online play and other features.

This past week was one that gave us not the long-awaited announcement of a Switch Animal Crossing title, but also managed to pack in the revelation of Katamari Damacy coming to Switch as well as a brand new Phoenix-Wright-meets-Yakuza game from Sega. All in all, I'd say that's a bit of a good week for video games. It's also been a good one for video game adjacent deals, and we've got a whole lot of them to look at today.

Another weekend brings with it another roundup of this week's best gaming deals from all the way around the information superhighway and back again. While I've been spending a truly unhealthy amount of time this week playing Two Point Hospital, the deals have been in no short supply and we've got everything from Dragon Ball FighterZ to gaming monitors to a big discount on a full-blown gaming PC. Excitement!

To celebrate the launch of Destiny 2's latest and largest expansion, Forsaken, GamesPlanet is not only discounting the price of its various editions of the game on PC with the use of a code but is also offering up three copies of the game's Legendary Collection to some of you folks.

The most recent Humble Bundle takes aim at all of you folks that not only like games made in Unity but feel like you'd like want to try making your very own games in Unity, too. The appropriately titled Humble Unity Bundle features $1593 of content for $15, which ends up about £12 and should satisfy both your game-playing itch as well as your creativity.

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