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As the dust settles on Overwatch 2's disastrous launch, Blizzard promises double XP weekends, free skin

"Let's try that again."

Blizzard has announced a series of double XP weekends to "make up for any lost time" following Overwatch 2's various launch issues.

"Let's try that again," Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra wrote on Twitter last night, sharing a fresh blog post from the developer which apologises - yet again - for the game's troubled arrival and offers a few bits and pieces to cheer fans up.

Overwatch 2 players can look forward to "several Double Match XP weekends" - dates for which will be announced soon. Anyone who logs in this season from 25th October onwards will also get a Cursed Captain Reaper Legendary skin and a Health Pack Weapon Charm, which is nice I guess.

A look at Overwatch 2's Kiriko.

The past week has seen Overwatch 2 hit numerous snags as its free-to-play launch attracted several DDOS attacks, an auto-purchase bug and general server wobbles.

Blizzard has responded by shoring up its network capacity to reduce issues with queues and crashes. Separately, it has also U-turned on a widely-disliked policy which forced some players to use SMS verification in order to get started.

(That same SMS issue is still currently set to be used in Activision's Modern Warfare 2.)

Meanwhile, if you're feeling nostalgic, here's the moment the original Overwatch died forever.

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