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Blizzard says Overwatch 2 servers experiencing "mass DDoS attack"

UPDATE: Team working through night to combat second attack.

UPDATE 5/10/22: Overwatch 2's launch remains impacted by DDOS attacks, with a second now impacting the game.

That's according to the game's director Aaron Keller, who posted on Twitter early this morning (UK time) to say his team would "work throughout the night" to get the game back online.

"We're steadily making progress on server issues and stability, as well as working through a second DDoS attack," Keller wrote. "We're all hands on deck and will continue to work throughout the night. Thank you for your patience - we'll share more info as it becomes available."

We'll keep you updated on the status of Overwatch 2 today.

ORIGNAL STORY 4/10/22: Blizzard says Overwatch 2's servers are experiencing a "mass DDoS attack", preventing players from accessing the newly launched game.

Players have reported unexpected server errors and difficulties joining Overwatch 2 games throughout the evening following today's free-to-play launch, with some claiming to be experiencing queues of as many as 40,000 other players.

An earlier tweet by Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra acknowledged today's server woes but gave no indication they might be the result of anything other that launch day teething troubles, only thanking players for their patience and pledging to "get [them] into the fun".

However, Ybarra has now posted a follow-up tweet suggesting today's Overwatch 2 launch is being affected by the malicious actions of a third-party. "Unfortunately we are experiencing a mass DDoS attack on our servers," he wrote. "Teams are working hard to mitigate/manage. This is causing a lot of drop/connection issues."

Overwatch 2 - Launch Trailer.

Blizzard's dedicated Overwatch 2 social channels remain somewhat less informative. Tonight's ongoing server issues were briefly alluded to in a Known Issues post shortly after launch but no further updates have yet been shared.

I'll update the story as it develops.

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