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Overwatch 2's "auto-purchase" bug has been fixed but Blizzard still won't issue refunds

"All those unlocks are meant to be final."

Artwork for Overwatch 2 showing a selection of its heroes posing dramatically against a reddening sky.
Image credit: Blizzard

Blizzard has resolved an issue where players were accidentally making store purchases whilst using in-game chat, but is allegedly not issuing refunds to those affected.

As shared on the Overwatch subreddit community, Dracyoshi reports that whilst "chatting with some friends while browsing the hero gallery", the game "unexpectedly began unlocking Junnker Queen's Plutonium skin".

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As they'd been writing a message in chat at the time, they weren't able to cancel the purchase before it completed.

The poster believes it's caused by "a bug where text typed into the chat is occasionally misinterpreted by the game [as] input for navigating the menu" and Blizzard seemingly concurs, as the issue has now been resolved.

However, after getting in touch with Blizzard and explaining what happened, the developer refused to refund the 300 legacy credits, insisting that "all those unlocks are meant to be final", adding "if you believe there was a problem with the game which caused this to happen, please be sure to provide feedback via our forums". And that was it.

The hotfix issued on 7th October has seemingly resolved the issue, but the OP says they still haven't been refunded and "doubt they ever will be".

Several other commenters in the thread share similar stories and the thread has almost a thousand upvotes at the time of writing.

Interestingly, a similar bug affected Fall Guys players earlier this year and although Mediatonic took the same line, eventually the company was forced to apologise and issue refunds to those affected.

After a rocky launch, Blizzard has updated fans on its progress tackling some of the various issues which have plagued Overwatch 2.

Many fans have been left unable to play for long periods, stuck in queues, left without access to previously-unlocked characters and items, or locked out of the game entirely by the requirement to log-in using their mobile phones (something Blizzard later changed following a vocal backlash). The issues were further exacerbated by a series of DDoS attacks aimed at the game's servers.

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