Destiny 2 Entropic Shard locations: How to advance the Aspect of Control quest step

Where to find all end-game Beyond Light collectables.

Entropic Shard locations are collectables as part of the Beyond Light expansion in Destiny 2.

Found throughout the Europa destination, these are small obelisks hidden in various nooks and crannies, five of which are required to complete the post-game Aspect of Control quest.

Once one has been found, it can be destroyed with the use of the Salvation's Grip. With that Exotic quest opening up once the Beyond Light story has been completed, and the various seals required before you can access some of the areas Entropic Shards are found in, consider this an end-game activity.

What to expect from Beyond Light's new Exotics and gear.

Entropic Shard locations in Destiny 2 explained

What follows is a list of all available Entropic Shard locations in Destiny 2. During the first week of launch, only eight of the nine were available, with a ninth released as part of the opening of the Creation area of Europa following the community completion of the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

The following list goes in order of - Lost Sector Entropic Shard location, main patrol area Entropic Shard locations, and the final harder-to-reach Entropic Shard patrol locations. The final Creation Entropic Shard location is listed last on the list for those who have been waiting for it to appear.

As a reminder, you need the Salvation's Grip Exotic - available after completing a quest accessible once the campaign has been completed - to destroy an Entropic Shard. It may take several rounds - or one well-placed charged round - to destroy a Shard.

Concealed Void Lost Sector Entropic Shard location

This Entropic Shard is found within the Concealed Void Lost Sector.

Where to find the Concealed Void Lost Sector location.

In the final room with the boss cache, is a beam of light coming through the ceiling from above.


Look up there to see the Entropic Shard floating in the air.


Bunker E15 Lost Sector Entropic Shard location

This Entropic Shard is found within the Bunker E15 Lost Sector.

Where to find the Bunker E15 Lost Sector location.

Play through the Lost Sector until you come to the part where you are freeing Braytech Security Frames.


In the large room with the firefight, head out across the walkway, then look back and up above the corner where you emerged. You can see the Entropic Shard hovering in the upper corner, just in view.


Cadmus Ridge Entropic Shard location

You'll find this on the west side of the area, just before the Bray Exoscience building entrance.


Specifically, check the cliffs below and to the right (or north) of where the entrance is.


You'll find it embedded in the ground, next to the wall.


Asterion Abyss Entropic Shard location

In the middle of Asterion Abyss is a large, topped angular structure.


Get on top of the northern side - you can scale it from a number of directions - to find the Entropic Shard on top.


Eventide Ruins Entropic Shard location

In the south-west of the location, just north of where you enter from Asterion Abyss, is a destroyed walkway.


Look underneath the wreckage to find it.


The final three on this list are the hardest to find, requiring you to head into the furthest north of the Patrol space - as such, it's advised you unlock these in one trip.

Riis-Reborn Approach Entropic Shard location

Head to Riis-Reborn Approach - it's the area to the north of Europa, which you can access in the building at the top of Evenride Ruins.

Follow the route round - it should be familiar to you by now after completing the campaign - until you reach the room where there's an entrance to the right you can access by breaking the seal.


Go down this corridor, and up the air lift, to arrive at a stairwell going up.


Staying on the ground floor, go and look behind the stairwell, to find the Entropic Shard lying hidden underneath.


Kell's Rising Entropic Shard location

You need to head to Kell's Rising - an area to the far north of Europa, just beyond Riis-Reborn Approach. Specifically, follow the steps above to reach the Riis-Reborn Approach Entropic Shard, where you must take the right sealed door up a lift and find a staircase.

Go up said staircase, and through the teleporter in the room that follows.


Head up the stairs here, to a corridor which branches into two, left and right. The right one is immediately sealed if you haven't unlocked it already - and this is where we need to go to arrive at Kell's Rising.


The route to begin with is linear. Follow it round, and after a red-lit corridor, the route will open up to being back outside.


Here, take the right walkway, ignore the room on the right and follow it round to you see some blue platforms and up and on the right of the building on the corner.


Take these up, and following linear route from here, up some more platforms on the outside of a building, until a path made of a bending set of pipes.


We're almost there. On the opposite corner you can climb the roof of the building, where there's a walkway above.


Under the stairs of this walkway is the Entropic Shard, tucked underneath.


Technocrat's Iron Entropic Shard location

You need to head to Technocrat's Iron - an area to the far north of Europa, just beyond Riis-Reborn Approach. Specifically, follow the steps above to reach the Riis-Reborn Approach Entropic Shard.

Head up the stairs here, to a corridor which branches into two, left and right. The left one leads to a corridor which leads up, taking us to Technocrat's Iron.


The aim to reach the very end of the area. The route is mostly linear, but in case you get lost, a few pointers; on the way you'll encounter a red-lit room with a cauldron of sorts above - make sure you head to the far end here, past that, and through the door - to continue.


From there, eventually you'll be on a track winding through an outdoors area. Go up the end platform, into the building, and you'll come to a wide arena.


The Entropic Shard is hovering above and just to the right. It clashes with the wall behind it, so you might have to adjust your position to see it floating clearly.


Creation Entropic Shard location

This ninth and final Shard was released as part of the opening of the Creation area of Europa, following the community completion of the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

To reach Creation, head in Bray Exoscience - the location on the west side of Cadmus Ridge - and enter the room on the right side.


From there, head into the room that follows, to another door on the right.


Now follow the linear route round through Creation until you reach a large, factory-style hall with ledges descending down to an area below.


At the middle ledge, clear the enemies, then stand looking out to the area below. Suspended in the air is the Entropic Shard.


If you are struggling to find the route there, this video - showing the location of the Giant Exo - also shows the Creation Entropic Shard at the 2 minute 30 second mark:

While you are here, there is a Dead Exo location just beyond it.

Until then, there's plenty to be getting on with - including the Born in Darkness quest and objectives such as finding Penguins and Augment Triumphs.

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