Control - What a Mess Plant locations, Mold locations and how to unlock the Janitor's Assistant Uniform

Mold and plant conversations - it's all a normal working day for the assistant janitor at the Bureau of Control.

What a Mess: Talk to the Plants, What a Mess: Clear the Mold and What a Mess: Even more Mold are the last three missions Ahti the Janitor will ask you complete in Control.

Ahti's not a hard task master, however, and once you complete these missions, he'll let you take a break. What a Mess: Take a Break involves doing just that and will reward you with the Janitor's Assistant Uniform. This is one of the outfits Jesse can wear in Control.

Like the previous What a Mess missions, you'll also be rewarded with Ability Points, Material and new Mods - both Personal and Weapon.

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Plant locations for What a Mess: Talk to the Plants

This time Ahti needs you to talk to the plants in Central Research.

Head back to the Power Plant and use the Control Point there to fast travel to Central Research.

You need to talk to 6 plants scattered around Central Research. These are the plant locations:

  • By the desk near the Sector Elevator
  • Next to the door to Dr. Darling's office
  • Next to Ahti's cart on the lowest floor of Central Research
  • To the left of the entrance to the cafeteria
  • At the bottom of the stairs next to the shelter on the lowest floor
  • By the desk in front of the Parapsychology department
The plant locations in Central Research.

When you find a plant, walk up and talk to it to boost its self-esteem.

Make sure you kill any attacking Hiss as well. They clearly don't like plants, because you can't talk to a plants when the Hiss are around.

Once you've talked to all the plants, the mission will be completed.

Rewards for completing What a Mess: Talk to the Plants

Completing What a Mess: Talk to the Plants will reward you with:

Mold locations in What a Mess: Clear the Mold

Ahti wants you to eradicate the Mold from the Medical Wing in the Containment Sector.

To reach the Medical Wing, head back to the Power Plant and use the Control Point to fast travel to the Logistics department in the Containment Sector.

Head to the Medical Wing.

From there, head through the northern doors into Security and go down the left-hand pathway to reach the Medical Wing.

Follow the corridor into the heart of the Medical Wing; you'll know you're in the right place when you find Ahti's cart.

You're in the right place when you see Ahti's cart.

To eradicate the mold you must destroy 6 green, glowing, mold balls.

You can destroy these mold balls by either using your Service Weapon or by launching an object at them. Keep an eye out for any Hiss forces too.

The location of these mold balls are:

  • On the wall in the centre of the mold infested area of the main room
  • In the storage room accessible through the left-hand door in the main room of the Medical Wing
  • On the ceiling just above the stairwell to the mold infested area of the main room
  • On the ceiling above the door leading to the stairs to Security
  • In the far-left decontamination shower
  • In the office left of Ahti's cart - run to the doorway nearly blocked by mold and you'll be able to see it attached to the wall in the next room
The mold locations in the Medical Wing.

Destroying all six mold ball will complete the mission.

Rewards for completing What a Mess: Clear the Mold

Completing What a Mess: Clear the Mold will reward you with:

Mold locations in What a Mess: Even more Mold

Ahti has some more mold that needs removing around the Coolant Pumps in the Maintenance Sector.

Ahti's left his cart in the NSC Coolant Pumps.

Your destination is the NSC Coolant Pumps Upper Level, which is quickly reached via Fast Travel.

Once you're there, you need to destroy 6 more green, glowing balls.

Like before, these mold balls can be destroyed with either your Service Weapon or your Launch powers. You'll also want to make sure you keep an eye out for any attacking Hiss forces.

The locations of the mold balls are:

  • Directly above Ahti's cart
  • Directly above the doorway you enter the upper level of the Coolant Pumps by
  • Above the hanging platform in the middle of the room
  • On the side wall before you descend down the steps on the far side of the room
  • On the inside alcove of the left-hand pillar towards the right-hand side of the room - you can reach it from the ground
  • Head to the far end of the room and look back across the room - you'll see it attached to the wall just beneath the walkway
The six mold locations in the NSC Coolant Pumps Upper Level.

Destroying all six mold balls will bring this mission to the end.

Rewards for completing What a Mess: Even More Mold

Completing What a Mess: Even More Mold will reward you with:

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What a Mess: Take a Break and unlocking the Janitor's Assistant Uniform

With those missions completed, head back to the Janitor's Office.

The moment you enter the office the mission, What a Mess: Take a Break, will begin.

Sit down on the sofa and enjoy your break.

Well earned.

When your break is over, you'll find something hanging on the noticeboard.

Collect your new uniform.

Taking this will unlock the Janitor's Assistant Uniform, alongside:

Congratulations! You've completed all of Ahti's missions, making you the best assistant janitor in the Federal Bureau of Control.

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