Fallout 4 - Dangerous Minds, Doctor Amari, Memory Den, Goodneighbor, Hancock

How to complete the Dangerous Minds mission in Fallout 4, from meeting up with Doctor Amari to exploring the murky past in Kellogg's memories.

Talk to Doctor Amari

Doctor Amari can be found at the Memory Den, located in Goodneighbor on the outskirts of the old city. When you're ready to make her acquaintance, leave Piper's office. Back outside, open your Pip-Boy's map and fast travel to Park Street Station.

On arrival at the station, head along the north-eastern road (situated behind the huge stack of tires) and follow the objective maker toward your destination. Deal with the super mutants lurking in the building to the left, just beyond the abandoned bus, then continue forward until you reach the foot of the large red tower.

From here, turn right and you'll see a sign pointing the way to Goodneighbor directly ahead. Take another right at the junction, walk along the alley until you reach the blue door at the end then step on through.

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Discovered: Goodneighbor

Once inside Goodneighbor's walls, approach the bald-headed gentleman standing on the left-hand side of the road. He'll make vaguely threatening remarks about needing insurance - if available, reply with the persuasion-based 'Back off' option. When the conversation is over, and your assailant has been dealt with by the mayor, assure Hancock that you're alright. Next, tell him, 'I feel you' to bring things to a close.

Next, head along the alley to the left of the gun shop and follow it around to the left. Up ahead, you'll spot the Memory Den that Detective Valentine mentioned earlier. Approach the red doors and step inside.

Follow the corridor around to the left and enter the large, pod-filled chamber on the right. At the end of the room, you'll spot Valentine conversing with a woman on the stage - approach them and you'll be informed that Amari is downstairs. Climb onto the stage and head through the doorway in the south-east corner. Finally, descend the steps and take a right, moving into the brightly-illuminated room at the bottom.

Approach Doctor Amari and engage her in conversation. Let Nick explain what you need and ask Amari to help you. Hand over Kellogg's brain augmenter then request that Amari continue her explanation. Once Nick offers to connect the chip to his brain, thank him and wait for the sequence to play out. After the first test fails, inquire whether there's a way to break the lock. Amari will suggest that you and Nick attempt to access Kellogg's memories together - so, if you're ready, agree to begin the process.

Sit in the memory lounger

Once the conversation is over, approach the open memory lounger and sit inside. A few moments later, the simulation will begin.

Explore Kellogg's memories

After the haze has cleared, make your way along the pathway and into the room at the end. Examine the objects and people to reveal more about Kellogg's past if you like then, once the scene is over, follow the next pathway to the right. When you reach the kitchen ahead, view the next sequence and continue onward.

Repeat the process, viewing Kellogg's memories of the corridor, bar, warehouse, Vault 111 and, finally, his time with Shaun. Once this last scene has ended - and you've learned about the rogue scientist - interact with the television screen to return to the real world.

Talk to Doctor Amari

Approach Doctor Amari and engage her in conversation. Tell her that you feel fine then mention Virgil. When Amari expresses surprise that Virgil made his way to the Glowing Sea, insist that you'll find him. Amari explains that you'll need to prepare yourself if you intend to reach Virgil. Inquire about anti-radiation and Amari will suggest that you stockpile Rad-X and RadAway, and find a radiation suit - or, even better, Power Armour.

Assure the doctor that you'll find a way to explore the Glowing Sea safely and the current quest will come to a close. Amari suggests that you go join Detective Valentine upstairs and a new key quest - The Glowing Sea - will be added to your log.

- The next part of our walkthrough explains how to complete Fallout 4: The Glowing Sea.

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