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Techland takes pets for a drive

Another cartoon-style racer on its way to the PC

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Techland have announced Pet Racer, the latest attempt to bring the anarchic cartoon racing genre to the PC. Featuring over thirty tracks spread across five settings, including the inevitable forest, desert and arctic environments, the developers are promising "hilarious characters and great playability". The game also comes with a selection of bizarre power-ups, from your standard speed boost to a "tomato launcher" and "wasp hive". The mind boggles. If you live in Techland's native Poland you can bring this boggling to an abrupt end tomorrow morning when the game arrives on store shelves, but the rest of us will have to wait until Techland can find an overseas publisher for the game. In the meantime, you can scour these screenshots for clues... Related Feature - Pet Racer screenshots

That's a funny looking pet you've got there, mate.

Source - press release

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